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[Daily Breeze]  Police have arrested 18 men suspected of engaging in sexual activity inside a Manhattan Beach restroom that became a popular meeting spot in recent weeks, officers said Tuesday. The crackdown hopefully put an end to lewd conduct inside the Marine Avenue restroom, where lifeguards noticed men going inside and staying for extended periods of time. Men, who normally spend a few minutes inside a restroom, stayed sometimes for longer than an hour, and the same people returned. Lifeguards also found graffiti of graphic sexual images on restroom walls, and holes drilled through stall partitions. Lifeguards told police that instead of seeing one pair of feet in a stall, “sometimes they would see two or three.” Undercover detectives conducted a visual inspection of the restroom and set up surveillance of the location. Within minutes of their arrival, they made their first arrest. Police checked Internet sites and chat rooms where they found discussions indicating the restroom had become a meeting spot for men to engage in sex. Officers soon conducted six undercover operations, posing as men seeking activity. Police made 17 more arrests. The suspects were held on suspicion of offenses including soliciting or engaging in lewd conduct in a public place, loitering in and around a public toiler for the purpose of engaging or soliciting a lewd or unlawful act, utilizing a peephole in a restroom, invasion of privacy, resisting arrest and indecent exposure. In addition, authorities removed the doors on the stalls to prohibit sexual activity in the stalls, Martin said.

Here’s a few random thoughts on this stellar lineup – numbered left to right:

Most obviously gay – #4.  Pic screams “Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy”

I never would’ve guessed it – #14.

Scariest gay – #1.  Looks like a classic case of “I beat queers because I’m queer but I don’t want to be” to me.  Fucks angry fo’ sho’.  Definitely didn’t have relations with #2. (more…)

[NBCDFW]  A 71-year-old Richland Hills grandmother was charged with a hate crime after she attacked a gay neighbor with her cane while yelling offensive slurs, police said. Wanda Derby bonded out of jail Thursday afternoon. The victim, Lloyd Guerrero, 25, said the attack followed days of growing tension. Derby’s son moved in with Guerrero and his family about a week ago, he said. Guerrero said the attack Wednesday night was unprovoked. “Honestly, it looked like something out of a TV show. She just, like, whack,” Guerrero said, motioning with his hand. “And I will say, she hit pretty hard.” Guerrero, an actor, said Derby also slapped his mother and assaulted several others. “We finally got the cane and got it away from her and threw it on the ground,” he said. “And then that’s when I ran around and got inside the house. And then we started trying to shut the door. And she was like, full force, coming. I honestly don’t know what she was thinking or what she even had in her.” The responding police officers saw marks and bruising on Guerrero’s throat and torso. Guerrero said Derby has repeatedly called him a slur referring to his sexual orientation. “I was very offended,” he said. “You just don’t go around calling people names because. It’s just not normal.” He also said she posted messages about him online. “She put on Facebook that I had AIDS and that I was going to die soon from AIDS anyway,” he said. His friends saw the postings and he said he’s had to reassure them he doesn’t have the disease. Police say the cane she used is considered a deadly weapon. The charge was enhanced as a hate crime. According to Texas law, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon carries a maximum 20-year prison term. However, as a hate crime, the possible sentence increases to life behind bars. “She deserves every bit of it,” Guerrero said.

Can I be a little “politically incorrect” for once?  I’d just like to use this story to explain the difference between being “gay” and being a “faggot”.  Lloyd Guerrero happens to be both, but the distinctions are unrelated.  For example – it’s gay for him to blow his boyfriend.  It’s faggy of him to say a 71 year-old broad with a cane “hit pretty hard” while describing how he was under attack, unable to flee from her on foot & shut the door in her wrinkly mug.  Follow?   (more…)

[Yahoo]  American Idol star Adam Lambert spent several hours in a Finnish jail Thursday after being arrested outside a Helsinki gay bar following a brawl with his Finnish boyfriend, local reality star Sauli Koskinen. According to Petri Juvonen, who is heading up the police investigation into the event, Lambert and Koskinen were arrested at around 4 a.m. Thursday morning outside DTM (Don’t Tell Momma), a famous Helsinki gay club. Both men are being held for questioning as local police investigate a total of four possible assault offenses. Juvonen tells the Hollywood Reporter that the two would likely be released after being interrogated. According to Finnish media reports, the dispute between the two men started in one of DTM’s back rooms. Lambert and Koskinen, a winner of the Finnish version of Big Brother, were apparently kicked out of the club but carried on fighting in the street outside. Finnish beauty queen Sofia Ruusila, an ex-Miss Helsinki, who had been celebrating with Lambert and Koskinen, told a Finnish entertainment channel that she had tried to get between the quarrelling couple when Lambert accidently hit her by mistake. Lambert arrived in Finland on Monday, Dec. 19 to celebrate Christmas with Koskinen. There had been much internet speculation that Lambert was scheduled to be a guest performer on Thursday’s finale of the X Factor. A show spokesperson denied the booking and clearly, being 5,100 miles and a continent away, a Lambert appearance was not in the cards. It’s unclear when he’ll return to the U.S. or whether he’ll face charges in Finland. Lambert’s new single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” was released on Tuesday. The singer last tweeted on Wednesday at around noon Helsinki time boasting that the song was No. 2 on iTunes in the Middle East. He had earlier written in Finnish, “Helsinki is a beautiful city full of beautiful people! Thank you!”

It’s a rule that applies worldwide, especially in one of the secret back rooms at Don’t Tell Momma – nothing good ever happens after 2am.  This Adam Lambert’s a sassy one, huh?  I mean I don’t know much about this eyelined pillow-biter because I’m a motherfucking man’s man and I love cars, boobs, guns & metal – but didn’t he rape a photographer or something last year?   (more…)

[Star]  A purchase made at a gay sex shop in Toronto then billed to taxpayers as a work expense has prompted a Republican politician in the United States to reveal he is gay. Greg Davis, the mayor of Southaven, Mississippi, is at the centre of a spending scandal after a local newspaper revealed the politician had billed taxpayers for an estimated $170,000, including expensive dinners, a pricey family vacation and purchases at local liquor stores. But it’s the $67 for unnamed merchandise from Priape, a gay sex shop near the intersection of Church and Wellesley Sts., that has caused the biggest stir for Davis, who has previously run for office on a conservative, family-values platform. When asked about the purchase last week, Davis told the Memphis, Tennessee-based newspaper The Commercial Appeal, that he is gay and can no longer maintain a separation between his personal and public life. “While I have performed my job as mayor, in my opinion, as a very conservative, progressive individual — and still continue to be a very conservative individual — I think that it is important that I discuss the struggles I have had over the last few years when I came to the realization that I am gay,” he told the newspaper. Davis was in Toronto for a recruitment trip, and didn’t remember what he bought at Priape, he told the newspaper. An employee at Priape, which specializes in DVDs, sex toys, leather, and clothing among other products catering to gay men, declined to comment Monday. According to his website, Davis has a wife of 19 years, Suzann, and three young girls. He is currently serving his fourth term as mayor, and ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Congress in 2008. The receipts were obtained by state auditors in an effort to reduce an estimated $170,000 they have demanded the mayor repay for illegitimate charges, the Commerical Appeal reported. The newspaper subsequently got hold of the receipts under a Freedom of Information request. Davis has stated he won’t comment on the possibility of resigning as Southaven’s mayor, but said he would take some time off work to spend time with his family.

Talk about your empathetic politician.  His Mississippi constituents are all getting banged in the brown-eye paying for his lavish dinners, trips and alcoholism so the least he can do is get ass-fucked himself. Granted, Mayor Davis is shopping at Priape on the Southaven people’s dime for only the best in boy butter & beads to make it as pleasurable as possible while those footing the bill are getting dry-raped by Lexington Steele, but it’s a start.   (more…)

[]  A young woman was fired from the Macy’s San Antonio Rivercenter department store in Texas for refusing to violate her religious beliefs by permitting a young man dressed as a woman from entering the women’s dressing room. Natalie Johnson claims she saw the young man walk out of the women’s fitting room and politely told him that he could not go back in because it was for women only. The cross-dressing young man claimed that he is a “female.” Johnson said that he was wearing make-up and girl’s clothing, but clearly he was a male. When Johnson was confronted by her employer, she explained that she could not allow a male to change in a female’s fitting room. Johnson’s boss referred her to Macy’s LGBT policy which allows “transgender” people to change in any dressing room they want. However, Johnson pointed out that the same policy also protects against religious discrimination and, in this case, it protects her right to her beliefs that were being violated. The manager demanded that she comply with the LGBT policies or lose her job. Johnson refused and was terminated from her job. Macy’s policy which allows men to use the women’s dressing room is fraught with problems. This policy will cause significant problems and will alienate the majority of Macy’s customers. Macy’s has essentially opened women’s dressing rooms to every man. The LGBT agenda has become the theater of the absurd.

Well I won’t go as far as saying the entire LGBT agenda has become the theater of the absurd, but I kinda agree with this religious freak homophobe – just for different reasons.  I mean yeah, cross-dressing is absurd to me but I couldn’t give a flying fuck if you wanna tuck your cock back and wear a dress.  I can only imagine the torment of being a female trapped in a hairy male body – so do what you gotta do, fruitcake.  Still, fact remains that you’ve got a cock which means just wanting  to be a broad doesn’t entitle you to the full slate of womanly allowances.   (more…)

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[MyFoxBoston]  Kevin Hogan is an English teacher and crew coach at a top-rated Massachusetts public high school, but he brings some unusual experience to the job: until recently, he was starring in pornographic movies. Hogan has worked at the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden since September. In addition to his coaching and teaching duties, he also chairs the high school’s English department. But he can also be found on the Internet and in adult entertainment stores under his screen name: Hytch Cawke. His movie credits include “Fetish World” and “Just Gone Gay 8,” and FOX Undercover found his third movie, whose title is not fit to reveal in a family news outlet, in a local adult store. It features him answering an ad to have sex for money. Now Hogan will have to answer to his school, which placed him on paid leave while they conduct their own investigation. It’s not the kind of news the school is used to. Just this year, Newsweek magazine named Mystic Valley one of the best high schools in the country and fourth best public high school in Massachusetts.

First of all, “Hytch Cawke” is a pretty solid porn name considering how many others have already been taken.  Anyway, it’s pretty crazy to see people up in arms over shit like this.  I mean would Mystic Valley Regional Charter School rank any higher if Kevin Hogan wasn’t getting his starfish smashed in Fetish World?  A gay porn star can’t also master English and crew?  Christ, crew might be gayer than a feature role in the Just Gone Gay series.   (more…)

[The Local]  As Switzerland debates allowing gay and lesbian couples to adopt, a leading politician has caused consternation by comparing homosexuality to drug use. Last week the legal committee of the upper house, the Council of States, voted in favour of changing the law to make it easier for gay and lesbian couples to adopt. At the moment a single person can adopt regardless of sexual orientation, but single-sex couples cannot adopt nor can one partner adopt the other’s biological child. Christophe Darbellay, head of the center-right Christian Democrats (CVP) is deeply opposed to any change in the legislation governing adoption. He said he didn’t see why the law should be extended to include gay couples. “I wouldn’t suddenly legalize cocaine just because half a million people consume it,” he said to Le Temps newspaper last Friday. His comments have caused uproar. The Association for Rainbow Families said that it was “insulting” that Darbellay would “compare same-sex parents with cocaine addicts.” “His homophobia shocks us,” co-president Chatty Ecoffey told the 20 Minuten newspaper. “Darbellay is comparing two things that are simply not comparable,” Barbara Lanthemann of the Swiss lesbian organization LOS told the paper. Darbellay on Monday defended his statement. “I didn’t want to insult anyone. I simply wanted to say that just because something exists, does not mean that it has to be legalized,” he told 20 Minuten.

God dammit, no it’s not.  Sometimes.  Being gay & snorting cocaine are the same when it comes to things people should tell their sons not to do.  That’s just Good Parenting 101.  However, when it comes to things I’ve experimented with, they are polar opposites.   (more…)