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[Fox]  A quick-handed NYPD sergeant stopped a violent felon from shooting him in the gut by jamming his ring finger under the hammer of the felon’s .38 revolver, cops said today. Sgt. Michael Miller and Officer William Reddin were on patrol when they noticed a livery cab speeding eastbound on Quincy Street near Malcolm X Boulevard at about 4 a.m. today. The plainclothes cops pulled the beige Lincoln Towncar over, but when they walked up displaying their shields they noticed that one of the passengers in the back seat, Eugene Graves, was making suspicious movements near his waistband. After the cops told the passengers to get out of the car, Miller, a 13-year-veteran, reached toward a bulge at Graves’ waist and felt the gun underneath his clothes. “He told him to put his hands behind him, and that’s when he started to fight,” said a police source. Reddin, a four-year veteran, rushed to help Miller, calling for backup as he ran, while Graves’ backseat confederate took off. Graves managed to press his Taurus .38 revolver into Miller’s stomach, but Miller grabbed hold of the gun, wedging his right ring finger between the gun’s hammer and cylinder, before the murderous Graves could fire a shot. “This guy pulled the trigger so many times he broke the sergeant’s finger,” said the police source. Uniformed police officers arrived within moments and helped to subdue the still-struggling Graves, who was also found to be in possession of about 2 ounces of crack, according to a police source.

I’m gonna be honest.  The ever-present pessimist in me finds this hard to believe.  I mean I DO believe this happened, but I can’t help but feel like the story is being told in an ever-so-slightly-vague manner and never answers the most important question directly.  Did Sgt. Miller intentionally  jam his finger in front of the hammer right when Graves was firing?   (more…)

[Jacksonville]  Christopher Harris said he’s learned a lesson about meeting people on Facebook after he set up a meeting with who he thought was a woman. “I don’t even like Facebook. I was on Twitter, then I go back to Facebook for two days and this happens to me,” said Harris. Harris said that when he went to meet this person, he instead found a man at the end of a dead end road. The man pulled out a gun, shot into his car door, said Harris. He said he put the car in reverse, hit a fence and then slammed into a tree. “I’m glad I watched James Bond yesterday,” said Harris. “I’m not going back to Facebook, I’m staying on Twitter. Stuff like that don’t happen on Twitter,” he added. After Harris got away, he called police. When police checked for the woman’s Facebook page, it was deleted. “He definitely was scammed, deceived by a person on a social networking site. You never know what you’re going to get,” said Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson. Jefferson said people need to be careful about who they are meeting online, and that meeting someone alone is particularly dangerous.

Who the fuck is this Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson?  He was definitely scammed?  Really?  Well intoBOLIVIAN’s Crime Analyst 610 is gonna beg to differ.   (more…)

[AJC]  A former NBA player and Georgia Tech standout has been charged with shooting a 22-year-old woman to death, Atlanta police said Friday night. Javaris Crittenton faces a homicide charge in the death of Jullian Jones, according to Carlos Campos, APD spokesman. Jones was walking with others near 2915 Macon Drive in southwest Atlanta around 10 p.m. Aug. 19 when she was shot, Campos said. She later died from her injuries. Investigators do not believe Jones was the intended target. Crittenton may have been seeking retaliation after being robbed April 21, 2011, Campos said. Crittenton was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the 2007 NBA Draft and was traded his rookie year to the Memphis Grizzlies. While playing for the Washington Wizards, Crittenton was involved in a December 2009 locker room incident with then-teammate Gilbert Arenas where the two pulled guns on each other. On Jan. 25, 2010, Crittenton pleaded guilty and was given a year of probation on a misdemeanor gun possession charge. Two days later, Crittenton and Arenas were suspended for the rest of the season. Crittenton is former AJC “Mr. Basketball” and high school star at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy.

You think Agent Zero knew at the time he was pulling a pistol on a killer?  Maybe that’s why he’s been terrible ever since.  Crittenton got him shook 24/7.  Staring down the barrel of a murderer’s gun after you show yours with no intent to use it might do that to a man.  Gilbo’s lucky to be alive.  Bet he averages 20+ this year with Critt behind bars.

[Houston]  A disturbance that began after a 3-year-old child picked up a gun ended with the arrest of the child’s grandmother and a man. Law enforcement officers were called to a home at 26042 Midline Road in the Splendora area around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, July 17. When Deputy Chapa arrived, he found 47-year-old Dennis Eugene Hollifield, who reportedly directed him to a dresser containing a loaded 9 mm handgun that was the subject of the argument. According to the report, the dresser also contained methamphetamine, multiple hypodermic needles and a scale typical of those associated with narcotics. A misdemeanor amount of marijuana was located in the same room and Deputy Chapa found a loaded shotgun leaning against a living room wall. Carolyn Garrison, 44, was found in the backyard. “Garrison said she and Hollifield were arguing because he left the loaded 9 mm handgun on a nightstand and Garrison’s 3-year-old granddaughter picked up the gun and was walking around the house with it. According to Garrison, she became irate and confronted Hollifield, and their argument became physical, which Hollifield admitted. He also admitted leaving the loaded handgun on the nightstand, where Garrison’s granddaughter easily retrieved it,” the report goes on to say. By the time deputies arrived, the child was no longer in the residence, having been taken by her mother. Pct. 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden called the case “very disturbing.”

Yes, Constable “Rowdy”…very disturbing, indeed.  Disturbing in the fact that a 3 year-old is apparently already pre-conditioned trash.  I don’t know a shitload about kids, but I do have a 6 year-old roommate and I’m pretty sure that, if she saw a piece lying on the counter 3 years ago, she wouldn’t have picked it up and walked around the joint like Dirty Harry.  Still, just because this kid sucks doesn’t mean grandma couldn’t have used it as a teaching moment.   (more…)

[FindLaw]  The California town of Vacaville woke up to some strange news on Sunday morning when residents learned that Patricia Wright of nearby Fairfield had stormed a Super 8 Motel, taking control of its lobby for nearly 20 minutes. While such behavior isn’t completely out of the ordinary in California’s larger farming communities, Wright also happened to be naked and wielding a gun. Talk about seedy. Staying at the motel with a man, the Sacramento Bee reports that Patricia Wright entered the Super 8 lobby just after 2:40 a.m. Sunday morning, wearing no clothing and waving a gun. The front desk clerk called 911, and managed to talk Wright into surrendering about 20 minutes later. Upon arrest, she admitted that she had ingested marijuana, prescription medications, and ecstasy, notes The Reporter. Prosecutors have now charged Patricia Wright with brandishing a firearm, possession of a loaded firearm in public, and possession of a firearm with a removed serial number, according to the Bee. Because it’s obvious that pointing a loaded weapon at a motel clerk is illegal in the many states of the Union, let’s focus on the legal implications of firearms with missing serial numbers. Like in most states, in California it is against the law to change or remove a manufacturer’s name, model, or number from any firearm. It is also a misdemeanor to knowingly possess a firearm that has been altered in this way. So, at the very least, Patricia Wright is going to spend a few years behind bars, unless the prosecutor decides to take her drug-induced state into consideration.

I never thought they were true, but in this case, I am a full believer of the fear boner. If I was the clerk behind that counter, just getting rooms for horny couples at 2 am, and Patricia Wright here kicks open the front door wield a Glock 19 and two fun bags, I’d be harder in the face of danger than scrody watching good samaritans.  (more…)

Road Rage Matchup. . .Oatmeal Vs. Pistol

Posted: June 29 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Galveston]  A grand jury will decide whether charges should be filed in a road rage case that involved one man tossing a bowl of oatmeal at another man who had pulled a pistol, Texas City police said. A 49-year-old man and his wife were driving northbound on state Highway 146 in their red Mercedes, while their 20-year-old daughter followed in a black Mercedes, according to police reports. The father reported looking in his rearview mirror and noticing a man in a white Chevy pickup too close to his daughter’s car. The father told police he saw the truck driver flailing his arms in an “agitated state,” Capt. Brian Goetschius said. The father pulled over to the side of the road, as did his daughter. The driver of the truck kept going, but the father gave chase. “There was evidentially some swerving between the two vehicles, and the two exchanged words and were cussing at each other,” Goetschius said. The two men pulled over near the Highway 146 overpass at Loop 197, where both got out of the car. The driver of the truck got out first and had a bowl of oatmeal in his hand, according to police records. The driver of the Mercedes grabbed his pistol and confronted the driver of the truck. “Fearing for his safety, (the driver of the truck) tossed his bowl of oatmeal at (the man with the gun) to distract him and get away,” said Goetschius, reading from the police reports. During the argument, Pct. 5 Constable Mike Montez drove up and took the pistol away from the 49-year-old Texas City man, who police confirmed had a concealed handgun permit.

This is a classic example of the new world we live in, and it extends way outside the realm of road rage. You can’t just get pissed off at someone and punch each other in the mouth a few times.  In my professional opinion, I’d say about 85% of dudes are either packing a weapon, training in some obscure martial art waiting for a reason to rip someone’s head off or are just an immense pussy who will shamelessly throw a sucker punch or come at you with 5 of his pussy friends.  No such thing as fighting anymore, so you gotta think twice before crossing that line.   (more…)

I think this is exactly what Thomas Jefferson and Jesus Christ had in mind when they invented the Second Amendment. Just blasting little bloody targets to holy hell. Now, I’m going to tread lightly here because I’m afraid of what this metal dad would do to me if he ever found out I wrote anything bad about him. But, I know what you’re thinking: This dad isn’t even in the same playing field as some of our other nominees. He hasn’t beaten, stabbed or even threatened a single person. True. But remember when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and everyone got all bent out of shape? Then the committee basically said he was awarded the prize because of the potential he shows? Well that’s what’s going on here. I have no doubt in my mind that this dad is going to torture, mutilate and dismember at least one of this little girl’s future boyfriends. It’s not even a question of “if”, just “when”. So congratulations Hessian Hobbies Dad. You’re in the company of the upper echelon of Hero Dads. Now don’t let us down.