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[happyplace] A 17-year-old would-be robber who struck an adult novelties shop in DeBary on Wednesday was arrested, deputies say, after he filled out a job application with his real name. Deputies say the teen walked into Cupid’s Corner on Charles R. Beall Boulevard about 7:20 p.m., then pulled a handgun and told the 32-year-old clerk: “Give me all your money.” The clerk, however, talked the boy out of the robbery and offered to give him a job if he’d put the gun away, deputies say. The teen pocketed the gun and filled out an application. The teen explained that he was down on his luck and trying to help his grandparents pay their bills. The suspect and clerk hugged, deputies say, and smoked a cigarette together. Deputies say the clerk told the teen she wanted to get a drink from a nearby convenience store. There, she called 911 to report the robbery. The teen left before deputies arrived. The teenager was found walking a few streets south of the sex shop, deputies say, and confessed to the robbery. He claimed the weapon, which hasn’t been located, was a BB gun.

This sums up being a teen just perfectly, doesn’t it? Just all hormones and no brain. Kid could’ve had a perfect plan, rehearsed it dozens of times, went over it in his head the whole way there, walked into the porn shop, then, suddenly… Tits. All bets are off at that point. It doesn’t matter if you’re like Danny Ocean and build a replica of the store to iron out every detail of the heist. Once a 17 year old is face to face with real live snatch, (more…)


[News10SAN DIEGO — A man who applied for a job as a San Diego police officer was arrested after answers on his application raised red flags. On his questionnaire to work for the San Diego Police Department, Robert Williams had to answer questions about crimes he might have committed.

A search warrant affidavit lists question No. 172 from Williams’ applicant questionnaire as trouble. The question, which asked applicants if they have ever had sexual contact with a child, had a yes answer. Question No. 175, which asked applicants if they have ever viewed, purchased, sold or subscribed to child pornography, also received a yes response.

10News learned there were two more flagged questions and responses. Police then searched Williams’ car and apartment, confiscated computers and hard drives and arrested him.

So wait, I’m confused. Do they want him to answer the questions honestly or do they not want him to answer the questions honestly? Seems like this guy is just getting busted for being a stand-up, honest guy. Just the type of person I’d like to have patrolling my neighborhood. (more…)