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We’ve all been there. A few drinks deep, conversations going down roads they normally don’t. A question comes up that seems innocent at first… like, “Do you think my sister’s ass is nicer than mine?” Everything freezes for a moment. You can hear your inner monologue debating the best course of action. I should be honest, she’ll understand that I didn’t marry her for her rump. We’re in love. Then… No, no, no. That’s a terrible idea. She’s a women and no matter how rational my answer is, there’s still a decent chance she’ll bite my lip off or spray paint my car. Tick, tock, tick tock. Split second decision and you decide to go with honesty. BUZZZZZ. Wrong move. Sorry Prince William. You’re probably a stand-up guy and all, but you never say to Kate’s face that Pippa has a better behind.

PS – The only way to save any face here is to spray paint “yes” right after it, right? I mean, your car is fucked and your girl is pissed. Not like it can get much worse. Hopefully he’s on his way to the hardware store to buy a nice can of red.

It’s good to be the future King.