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This Dude’s Day Was Cray

Posted: March 27 @ 5:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Press Citizen]  An Iowa City man is accused of exposing himself in downtown Iowa City and eating a bag of marijuana after he was arrested. Police said two women reported to them that Allen A. Bramwell, 25, exposed himself to them. According to criminal complaints, the first incident occurred at 8:45 a.m. March 23 at the Old Capitol Town Center. The victim reported to police that Bramwell exposed himself, then asked the woman for her name and phone number. Five hours later, another woman reported that Bramwell was grinning at her as he exposed himself when she drove by him as he stood on Court Street near Gilbert Street. Police located Bramwell and the woman positively identified him. Bramwell also had the phone number of the woman he exposed himself to earlier in his phone. Bramwell was placed under arrest for indecent exposure. While seated in the back of the arresting officer’s squad car, Bramwell allegedly attempted to eat the marijuana he had with him. The officer recovered the plastic baggie and flakes of marijuana that were on Bramwell’s shirt, seat and in the baggie. Police said Bramwell admitted to eating the marijuana. Police also said Bramwell had a $1,000 worth of stolen property with him at the time of the arrest. The property was stolen in a burglary that had occurred just hours earlier, the police said. Police said they tried to obtain a search warrant for Bramwell’s residence. However, Bramwell provided officers with an address that did not belong to him. Bramwell’s son provided officers with his correct address, police said. Bramwell faces two counts of indecent exposure, one count of preventing prosecution, one count of possession of marijuana and one count of interference with official acts.

That’s a motherfucking day right there.  Strolling around with a sack of weed & some stolen goods while flashing your dong to pick up some digits sounds like the American dream.  Thing about this story is, the dude who went to jail isn’t even close to the biggest scumbag in this story.  Society’s standards would certainly paint my man Allen as the bad guy.  Stealing is bad.  Drugs are bad.  Cock-slapping random chicks in downtown Iowa City is bad.  Still not the worst.   (more…)

[Philly]  In 1999 Upper Darby native/actress Heather Donahue and her “Blair Witch Project” co-stars made moviegoers nauseous with their shaky camera-work. But by 2007 Donahue was controlling nausea for medical marijuana patients in California, where she was growing weed. Donahue, who’ll be 37 next week, documents her year spent cultivating marijuana in “GrowGirl,” out Jan. 5 from Gotham Penguin Publishing. She received her own prescription for medical marijuana in 2007 to treat PMS. We asked whether that meant she smoked only one week a month, and she replied, “It’s a very flexible medicine.” And you might be happy to know that her PMS is now under control. She got involved in medical marijuana after getting frustrated with her acting career. “I took all my stuff into the desert related to my acting career and burned it all,” she said. Even the blue ski cap from the “Blair Witch Project” poster? “That’s the only thing I kept. I figured if things got really bad, I could always sell it on eBay,” said Donahue, who recently attended her Upper Darby High School 20-year reunion. Her new career started after Donahue met a man who had lived in “Nuggettown,” a Northern California community where growing weed was common. Donahue “was always an avid gardener,” so she took right to it. “I became a solitary country girl,” said Donahue, who lived in Los Angeles for years after graduating from the University of the Arts in 2005. She gave up cultivating pot once she decided to write about her experiences, which included her doubts about continuing after her friend got busted by the feds on the day of her first pruning.

I love how they refer to this chick as the ‘Blair Witch’ girl like that means something.  At best, nobody knows who she is – at worst, she’s the one who blew the huge snot bubble on camera.  Anyway, at first I thought this was just your run-of-the-mill story about a failed actress who turned to drugs even though they worded it quite nicely.   (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[ABC]  Three Houston police officers are under investigation after claims they got high while on duty. And the claim, made by a man accused of drug possession, are backed up with something undeniable — the words of the officers themselves. It sort of jumps off the page. “‘So high’ spaced out: h i g h” defense attorney Daniel Cahill said. The words of a Houston police officer about an hour after arresting Nicholas Hill for marijuana possession. Hill was at his Atascocita apartment with friends late one night in May when cops came after someone smelled drugs. On search of the apartment, they allegedly found pot and stumbled on some brownies. “The other cop came into the bedroom with a tray of brownies and immediately assumed that there was pot or something in it by asking, ‘Let me guess what’s in this,'” Hill said. They were not the brownies your mom made, and Hill tells us – and told his lawyers – the cops ate them. Cahill and J Julio Vela, Hill’s lawyers, started investigating. If it were just the word of a 19-year-old accused of drug possession against the integrity of three Houston police officers, there wouldn’t be much for lawyers to defend or for us to report. But it’s not just his word. After allegedly eating the pot brownies and arresting Hill and two others, the officers went downstairs to their patrol car and started typing on their in-car computers. The city saves all those. At 2:44 in the morning one officer — we aren’t naming them — writes the other, “So HIGH…Good munchies”

Fuckin’ amateur hour.  Hey I remember my first toke.  Jesus Christ, cops, act like you’ve been there before.  You sound like a couple of 12 year-old girls shooting emoticons to each other.  “im sooooooo H I G H lollllllz 🙂 “.  No fucking kidding.  That was the expected outcome after stuffing your face with northern lights & Betty Crocker.  You may want to consider pacing yourself in the future though.  (more…)

[CBS]  Marijuana that was to be used as evidence in a Long Island drug case has disappeared from a truck that was transporting it to a Pennsylvania crime lab. Marc Gann, head of a committee examining problems at the Nassau County police crime lab, said it appears someone had tampered with and potentially stolen some of the evidence that was placed FedEx’s custody. He said the district attorney’s office told him a shipping box on the FedEx truck had been opened, the marijuana removed and the box resealed. “It just calls into question the propriety of dealing with a common carrier, like FedEx, for purposes of delivering evidence,” Gann told 1010 WINS. “Perhaps a better course of action would be to use an employee of the police department or the county.” It’s the latest fallout from the shutdown of the Nassau crime lab. A national accrediting agency has put it on probation for failing to meet protocols deemed essential to proper handling of evidence. Since its closing in February, evidence has been shipped to a lab in Willow Grove, Pa. FedEx is looking into the possible theft. The DA’s office says it’s investigating. Gann said the case which the marijuana was connected to is now “completely unprovable.” “It raises a broader issue about the credibility of the evidence in those other cases that were being transported along with the marijuana,” he said.

FedEx?  Are you shitting me?  Some national agency put the kibosh on the Nassau crime lab because of improper evidence handling & a lax attitude toward protocol and procedure when their alternative was to ship DNA, weapons, drugs, etc. via Federal fucking Express?  How much do you really give a shit about evidence integrity when you toss it in a truck also hauling the boxer-briefs & Grill Daddy BBQ cleaning brush I ordered from Amazon?   (more…)

[DaytonDailyNews] A female known for calling police on her neighbors about everything from parking to drugs and alleged threats, apparently decided to take matters into her own hands when she suspected a male on her street was selling drugs. The 50-year-old female, who calls police multiple times a day with false or unsubstantiated claims, was seen putting up signs across the city with this message: (see photo)

The family that lives at that address contacted police to complain that the male, whose first name is indeed Tim, had lost his job after his boss saw the sign. Police agreed to summon the female who posted the signs on possible charges of making false alarms and went to the family’s home to talk with them about additional charges for causing them hardship.

While at the house, an officer asked to take a look around to prove that there were indeed no drugs in the house. The female resident gave her permission. In addition to a generally cluttered house with at least 10 cats occupying one bedroom and causing the house to smell like cat urine, the officer discovered a 3-foot tall marijuana plant growing in another bedroom. The plant weighed more than 100 grams.

When asked about the plant, the male resident said it was for personal use and that he found it in a trashcan. He said he doesn’t sell any drugs because if he did he’d, “live better”, according to a police report. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail and faces possible charges for the illegal cultivation of drugs and also for child endangering.

His 6-year-old daughter lived at the house and did not have a bedroom to sleep in, one bedroom being dedicated to the cats and another to the pot plant.

TL;DR – Lady posts a sign saying some guy is dealing drugs. Guy gets mad and calls the cops. Cops come by house to check him out and find a pot plant. Oh, and the plant had it’s own room. So did a bunch of cats. His six year old daughter, however, did not have a room at all. (more…)

[MSNBC]  A barefoot boy, wet from rain, wandering the streets of Bethlehem, Pa., Saturday morning had a couple surprises in hand, according to court records. Around 8:45 a.m. Bethlehem Police responded to a call of a toddler wondering in the rain along the 2500 block of West Boulevard, according to authorities. A neighbor found the 19-month-old wearing a dirty diaper and with a marijuana pipe in one hand and a pack of cigarettes in the other, according to court records. The neighbor took in the boy, cleaned him up, got him something to eat and called the cops while another woman went door to door trying to find his parents but was unsuccessful, cops said. Police eventually contacted the boy’s parents, identified as Bryan Schneider, 46, and Katherine Main-Schneider, 32. Police allegedly found another glass marijuana pipe in the couple’s driveway, according to court records. Schneider said he and his wife were asleep when his son got out, cops said. He was allegedly out partying the night before, police said.

Listen kid, if you’re gonna stay out all night scheming on toddler sluts & alternating bowl hits with Newports that’s fine.  I was young once too, I’m not judging you.  But clean up your act.   (more…)

[]  A Rhode Island lawmaker who’s been at the center of controversy for his comments about immigrants is facing drug and impaired driving charges in Connecticut. Police in East Haven, Conn., say East Greenwich Republican Robert Watson, the House Minority Leader, was stopped at a police checkpoint Friday and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence. Police say there was a “strong odor of marijuana” from Watson’s car. He was released on a promise to appear in court. When reached on his cellphone Monday, Watson said he’s planning a statement later in the day then hung up. Watson drew fire in February when he said the state Legislature had its priorities right “if you are a Guatemalan gay man who likes to gamble and smokes marijuana.”

This is exactly what the country needs right now, hard as a motherfucker politicians.  No gimmicks, no bullshit, just straight up hang up the phone on your ass when he doesn’t feel like answering you stupid fucking questions about rampant drug use. It cost me almost what I make an hour at my shitty job to put a gallon of gas in my whoopie. It gets the fuel economy of a fat chick on a treadmill. I thought Obama was going to pay for my gas and mortgage, what the fuck happened?   A lot of people I know say they hate politicians because they are full of shit but then again most people I know don’t vote because they they have criminal records and shit ,but that is besides the point.  We need a true american hero like Robert Watson to get my gas back to $0.99 per gallon again, like it was 10 years ago.  This guy was clearly on the way to Foxwoods, to get his gambling, smoking and sex addiction taken care of, so he gets another point from me, now that is really winning. This guys needs to write for intobolivian, sounds like a champ, he also has two things going good for him now, smokes weed, and hates immigrants.

P.S. What’s the over under that this guy fucks non-caucasian hookers? The whole love hate thing…