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[Fox News]  A quick-thinking New Yorker who started selling T-shirts celebrating Usama bin Laden’s death made $120,000 in less than two days, TMZ reported Friday. Maurice Harary, 23, went straight to his New York apartment when he heard Sunday that bin Laden was killed by US forces in a precision raid in Pakistan. He immediately began building a website to sell his “bin Laden is dead” T-shirts. Harary claimed that his site went live at 3:30am local time Monday and sold 10,000 T-shirts at $12 each by Tuesday night. The sales added up to $120,000 in less than two days as Americans expressed their relief that the man who masterminded the 9/11 bombings was dead.

Oh fuck you and your ‘quick thinking’, Maurice – and that’s spoken out of pure jealousy.  I’m so pissed off.  This was literally free money, and even 5 days after the most hated man in the world was clipped the thought STILL didn’t cross my mind to make shirts, bumper stickers, pins, hats, coffee mugs or anything at all to capitalize.  Seriously, every single one of us should be ashamed for not having Bin Laden paraphernalia printed instantly.   (more…)