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Ok, this isn’t exactly breaking news anymore. But for all of you who were watching at home – or checking the box score on your phone while stuck at a wedding – here’s what it felt like in section 129. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m the best ticket buyer ever. (more…)


…like knowing who the fuck is playing.


[Yahoo]  Florida Marlins third baseman Greg Dobbs spent an hour at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, visiting a 12-year-old boy who was injured Monday night when Dobb’ line-drive foul ball struck him in the face. The boy received eight stitches to his broken nose and suffered a fractured sinus after the ball struck him in the ninth inning of the Marlins’ 2-1 loss to the Mets in game one at Citi Field. Dobbs said doctors told him the boy will not lose eyesight and will make a complete recovery. “I just wanted to show the kid how bad I feel for him,” said Dobbs, who called the boy’s mom after Monday’s games. “Just for the kids sake I just wanted to show him my face and let him know I care about him and how he is doing. I just wanted to see him and tell him he’s in my thoughts and prayers.” Dobbs said the boy was in good spirits considering his injury. “He said he’s more of a soccer fan. … He wants to try out for hockey. But he’s not that big of a Mets fan. He’s more of a Yankees fan,” Dobbs said.

Well that explains a lot.  A soccer-playing Yankees fan?  Try a little less My Little Pony at home and spend a little more time having a catch in the backyard, fruitcake.  Maybe next time, instead of ball(s) to the face, you’ll actually make an effort to catch it.  And good luck at hockey tryouts Sally.  Only Canadian gays have any success on the ice, but I guess there are worse role models than Sean Avery.

I know another soccer-loving Yankees homo who botched a foul ball

Just thought this was interesting.  Check out the full story for individual comparisons.  No, it doesn’t explain why the Yankees win more than Los Mets.  They also gotta pitch & their opponents get to swing too.   (more…)

NEW YORK (WFAN) – Mets fans might find themselves stunned after reading Jeffrey Toobin’s epic profile of Fred Wilpon in the latest issue of The New Yorker.

At times Wilpon sounds more like a jilted fan than the owner of New York’s National League franchise.

Midway through the article, Toobin recounts an exchange he had with Wilpon during the Mets’ 4-3 loss to Houston on April 20.

“He thinks he’s going to get Carl Crawford money,” said Wilpon after Jose Reyes singled and stole second, leading off for New York. “He’s had everything wrong with him. He won’t get it.”

After Josh Thole struck out, it was David Wright’s turn at bat.

“He’s pressing,” Wilpon said. “A really good kid. A very good player. Not a superstar.”

But Wilpon wasn’t done. He ripped into Carlos Beltran after Wright walked his way on base.

“We had some schmuck in New York who paid him based on that one series,” Wilpon said, referring to himself. “He’s sixty-five to seventy percent of what he was.”

I don’t know if Wilpon despises his team, or is actually its biggest fan. It’s really a fine line because he sounds exactly like a self-loathing Mets fan. I mean, if you’re a Mets fan you’ve probably said these exact same things. Of course, you don’t own the team and you weren’t saying those things to The New Yorker, but still. (more…)

That was fucking incredible.  That’s how it’s done, future field crashers.  Kid scaled his way out like a monkey.  Awesome.

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Jose Reyes Has Gotta Be Traded, Right?

Posted: May 4 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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So the Daily News is reporting the San Francisco Giants as the latest & greatest fit for Jose Reyes if the Mets decide to deal him before he hits the FA market.  At 28, he’d probably command something similar to what Carl Crawford raked in this off-season if he continues to stay healthy and produce as he’s capable of, and the Mets forking over that kinda dough (and years) with their supporting cast would be a mistake.   (more…)