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[Seattle Times] Canadian conservation officers have euthanized a black bear which they think ate the remains of a convicted murderer. British Columbia Environment Minister Terry Lake said Monday the bear’s description matched that of one seen guarding a cache that contained human remains. Lake says the animal was put down because bears remember food sources. Officials suspect the bear pulled the body of Rory Wagner, 54, from his car after he died on a remote logging road. Wagner pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 1994. He and two others were charged with a killing a man who they believed had sexually assaulted a family member. He served his prison time and was released. Wagner was reported missing May 23. Police say his death was not suspicious. Hunters found the site last week.

So, in summation, sometime in the 90’s some guy diddled some kid and got off… then got off on the charges. A few family members formed a posse and murdered the dude. One of them plead guilty, went to jail, served his time, was released and died on some road out in the middle of nowhere. Then, a bear who happened to be wandering along, pulled his corpse out of his car and ate some of him. Canadian Mounties then killed the bear who ate the guy who touched the kid. Did I get all that right? Jesus Hopscotching Christ, that’s why I love bear stories so much. (more…)


[Daily Mail]  The wife of a disabled Iraq war veteran has been accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband. Amber Hursey offered to pay the contract killer life insurance money she would receive when her husband James was killed. But the ‘killer’ turned out to know James Hursey and tipped him off about the murder for hire plot in Laurel County, Kentucky. Hursey contacted police who set up a sting operation to trap 28 year old Amber. She was caught on tape making incriminating statements about the murder plot and has now been charged with solicitation to murder. Former soldier Hursey said he was in the middle of a messy divorce from his wife when he was told about her alleged scheme to have him killed. ‘I got a phone call saying that I needed to be talked to, that it was very important. I set a meeting up with the gentleman that told me that my wife was trying to kill me,’ James Hursey said. ‘I thought it was a practical joke until my friend said that she was serious and explained everything to me,’ he says. James said he went to the Kentucky State Police, who organised a sting operation. State Police won’t discuss the details of the operation, but James Hursey says his friend met with Amber while they were being recorded. Amber has been charged with solicitation to murder and faces up to 15 years in jail.

She 1000% looks like the type of twat to hire someone to murder her husband for the insurance dough and fuck it all up.  In fairness, though, I can’t imagine it’s an easy thing to set up.  Where do you start? All it takes is one person you pretend to joke around about it with to be like, “Oh, he’s dead, detective? Yeah, his wife – you know, the one he was in the midst of a messy divorce with – asked me if I knew any contract killers but then said she was kidding.”  Boom – 15 years.   (more…)

[Chicago Tribune]  Lorraine Reed was thrilled two weeks ago when her onetime high school sweetheart got down on one knee, took two gold diamond rings out of his pocket and popped the question she’d been waiting for. “He said that I was his rock, he said he loved me, and he asked me to marry him,” said Reed, of northwest suburban Carpentersville. “I just looked at the rings and said, ‘Yeah!'” There was one problem: According to police and prosecutors, Raymond Harris had stolen the rings from an elderly nurse he beat to death last month in the garage of her Bridgeport home. He subsequently had the wedding band engraved, “To Lorraine,” and put her birth date on the engagement ring, officials said. On Thursday, Harris, 36, was ordered held without bail on charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery in the Oct. 22 slaying of Virginia Perillo, 73. Reed said she had no idea where the rings had come from and is still shaken up after hearing from police, who knocked on her door last week looking for Harris. “My heart just dropped,” said Reed, who attended South Shore High School in Chicago with Harris and dated him until he was sent to prison in the 1990s. Prosecutors said Harris, who was paroled for an attempted murder conviction in May, attacked Perillo as she was getting out of her car in her garage in the 3300 block of South Parnell Avenue. A longtime nurse at Rush University Medical Center, Perillo suffered serious head wounds and died the next day. Later on the night of the assault, Harris went to a party wearing new clothes and showed the rings to a witness, asking which of them he should use to propose to his girlfriend, Assistant State’s Attorney Melissa Howlett said. He proposed to Reed five days later.

First and foremost, this is a disgusting crime.  Seriously savage, and this guy should burn for it.  With the obvious being said, there is a lesson to be learned here for all you annoying broads out there. Nothing good comes out of being a nagging, pestering cunt.   (more…)

[Yahoo]  A bit actor who appeared in the first “Austin Powers” movie is suspected in the death of his cellmate at the California prison where he is serving a life sentence, corrections officials said Tuesday. Joseph Son , 40, wore a bowler hat and played one of Dr. Evil’s henchmen, named Random Task, in 1997’s “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.” He also was a mixed martial arts fighter who appeared in several other movies or videos in the 1990s, according to his Hollywood biography. He arrived at Wasco State Prison in the state’s Central Valley on Sept. 16 after he was sentenced in Orange County for the 1990 gang rape of a Southern California woman. The dead inmate was a parole violator serving a new two-year sentence from San Luis Obispo County for failing to register as a sex offender. He was found dead Monday in the cell he shared with Son. The death was being treated as a homicide, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokeswoman Terry Thornton said. Thornton and Wasco State Prison spokesman Henry Cervantez couldn’t say how the inmate died or why the death was considered suspicious. The cellmate had arrived on June 23. Son was convicted of one count of torture in August after his DNA linked him to the abduction of a then-19-year-old victim as she walked her dog near her apartment on Christmas Eve. Son and a co-defendant, Santiago Lopez Gaitan, 40, drove the woman to Huntington Beach at gunpoint, where they raped and sodomized her in the back of the car. They repeatedly threatened to kill her, hitting her with the pistol and telling her she was going to die. The badly injured woman begged for her life, prosecutors said, and the two men released her naked and blindfolded with her own pants. Police collected DNA evidence, but couldn’t match it to her attackers until Son was required to provide a DNA sample after he pleaded guilty to felony vandalism in 2008 and violated probation.

Am I the last to know Random Task was in the clink for rape & torture?  He always struck me as a jolly shoe-tosser, not a vandalizing sodomist…although he did show a flash of humanity when he let the victim go with her own pants as a blindfold.  Better than no pants at all, right?   (more…)

[Daily Mail]  An enraged husband snapped and tried to strangle his wife in a heated disagreement over a dice game. Police in Florida believe the man tried to strangle her because – when it came to Yahtzee – they weren’t two of a kind. Ian Wood, from East Naples, Collier County, Florida, has been accused of flying into a rage over the game of dice and choking his wife. The 50-year-old was arrested at home after his wife called 911. According to the Naples Daily News, she told officers that Wood pushed her to the ground. She said he then placed his hand over her mouth and pushed his knee into her back while telling her to stop screaming. Wood allegedly then rolled her over, placed his hands around her throat and began choking her. She told authorities she tried to leave their home to cool down – knowing the game had got out of hand – but that her husband got angry again. When police quizzed Wood he said his wife had fallen in the hallway and that he did not hit her. Wood is charged with domestic battery, kidnapping/false imprisonment of an adult, resisting law enforcement officer without violence, and obstructing someone from using the 911 service.

I dont really even understand how Yahtzee works. I think I’ve played it once in my life. But as we’ve seen in the past it gets pretty intense. Prime example are those bros that killed their mom over a game on Christmas day. I can kind of relate though, with my new found scrabble addiction. There are times when I’m playing Words with Friends with 610 and he starts dropping words like (more…)

MALONE, N.Y. — A New York man who had abused his ex-girlfriend and then plotted to kill her and make it look like she had been mauled by a bear was sentenced to prison for trying to hire someone to kill her in a staged car crash. Clyde Gardner gave up on his first idea: Kill a bear, skin it and wear the pelt while using its claws to kill the woman as she took out her garbage. The plan included him wearing the bear’s paws on his feet so no human footprints would be left behind. Prosecutors said the 57-year-old junkyard owner had carefully watched his ex-girlfriend’s movements, hiding in the woods with binoculars to learn her routines after she kicked him out of the house they shared in Malone, near the Canadian border. When he abandoned the first plan, Gardner approached a friend and gave him a picture of the woman, her license plate number and $500 toward a $15,000 bounty to kill her in a car crash. Gardner, an experienced demolition derby driver, advised the man how to make it look like an accident. He also told him that if the crash didn’t kill the woman, he should take a piece of broken glass and slit her throat, Franklin County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Crawford said. The acquaintance went to police, who sent him back wearing a hidden recorder to get Gardner on tape talking about the grisly plan.

If I know anything about killing a loved one, it’s that you never, ever, under any circumstances let anyone else in on the plan. Unless you’re friends with a professional hitman, chances are your buddy’s gonna rat you out. Believe it or not, not every acquaintance you make is as down with murder as you are. But you’re pretty much headed for failure to begin with if (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[ABC] A gutsy murder suspect in Oklahoma made a bold move when he returned to the crime scene and gave an interview to ABC’s Tulsa affiliate KTUL-TV, just an hour after two bodies were discovered. A KTUL reporter was in the Tulsa park Monday where two people had been robbed and murdered execution-style the night before, when a man eager to be on camera approached and spoke about what happened. “I think it’s real crazy. I bring my kids out here to play,” Darren Price, 19, told the reporter. “Got to raise the question, is it safe to even walk around this town with people just dying and stuff? It’s not cool.” Price smiled and even tried to grab the microphone at one point. “It don’t make me feel real easy and I stay close by here,” he said. About four hours later, Price was arrested in connection with the killing of Ethan Nichols and Carissa Horton in the same park. Police say Price and Jirao Davis, 21, allegedly ambushed and robbed the couple on Sunday night before forcing them to their knees and shooting them execution-style.

The balls on this guy, huh? The stones… sand… marbles… chutzpah. Having kids at 19 is no joke. I’m just kidding. Obviously I’m talking about coming back to the crime scene and doing an interview about the murder you just committed. It’s like he wanted to get busted.   (more…)