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[KDVR]  A female passenger at Denver International Airport caused a stir Tuesday morning when she stripped naked inside Concourse B, airport officials said. The incident happened at about 8:45 a.m. when, according to DIA spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone, the woman was caught smoking a cigarette at gate B81, in a non-smoking area. At some point after airport workers told her to extinguish the cigarette, the woman took off her clothing. It wasn’t immediately clear why. However, Denver Police say it was unrelated to the smoking issue. The whole incident played-out over a span of about 20 minutes. A witness told FOX31 Denver’s Justin Joseph that parents hurried to cover their children’s eyes, and many passengers simply appeared to be shocked. Authorities eventually transported the woman to a hospital, Schiavone said. Denver Police say the woman will not be arrested and she will not face any charges.

First of all, fuck whoever recorded this.  You got some crazy broad taking her clothes off in an airport and all you do is take a shitty video from 100 feet away?  Get in there, asshole.  Get some audio, ask some questions, zoom in on the situation.  When there’s a strip show going on in public, all common courtesy rules are off.  You can cram your iPhone right in her twat if you want.  This doesn’t have to be a covert “no, I’m really not recording but I’m recording” mission.  What a wasted opportunity.  Anyway, I’ve never heard of such bullshit in my life.   (more…)

[Arizona]  A man is in custody after allegedly texting a naked photo of his girlfriend’s daughter to nearly 40 contacts in the girl’s cellphone. Eugene Foster, 31, was arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor, said Elias Johnson of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. According to what 3TV’s Mike Watkiss learned, Foster found the photo of the girl, who is a student at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley, and decided to teach her a lesson by sending the photo to contacts in her phone. Investigators do not believe Foster was intentionally trying to exploit the child. When the officials at Florence Unified School District learned about the incident, they contacted parents, asking them to immediately delete the text if they or their children received it. They also advised parents to have a conversation with their kids to explain that sharing nude photos of minors, whether by text message, e-mail or via the Internet, is illegal under state and federal child pornography laws and that the penalties and consequences of such action can be severe. “To spread this photo further would not only add to the devastating embarrassment of one of our students, making a bad situation worse, it would make the sender subject to severe legal consequences,” Dawn Hawman, the district’s director of public relations, told parents. The welfare of our students is always our top priority, and we appreciate your assistance in minimizing the damage done by one adult’s poor choices.”

Obviously this is a ridiculously stupid move, but let’s be fair to Eugene.  How would YOU react if you saw your teen daughter was taking naked pics on her cell?  I mean that’s gotta be a different level of rage and, all other options considered, he should be commended for not tearing her head off.  The bond between father and daddy’s little girl is…wait, this was his GIRLFRIEND’S KID?!?!?!   (more…)

[Yahoo]  School administrators hoping to reward students for their A+ fund-raising efforts at a Florida elementary school unwittingly gave them X-rated gifts, officials said. School officials at Jay Elementary School in the Panhandle on Wednesday were trying to collect more than 100 bracelets distributed to students involved in a fund-raising drive after pictures of naked women were found hidden beneath the bracelets’ cloth coverings. Known as slap bracelets, the accessories were handed out to about 160 students. One curious child removed the cloth cover to expose the springy, recycled metal measure tape used to give the bracelet its grip. Along with inches and centimeter marks, the tape included pictures of partially clothed and nude women, Santa Rosa County School District spokesman Bill Emerson said. “It was one of those calls you get from parents where you say, “Really?” Emerson said. “Then it turns out to be true.” The school district alerted the Nashville-based company that had purchased the bracelets from a Chinese manufacturer, and the company has stopped shipments of the naughty novelties, Emerson said. Parents have been understanding, he said. The district is continuing efforts to retrieve the indecent prizes but has so far gotten only a handful back. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if some students keep the bracelets. “Curiosity is bound to get the better of some of them,” Emerson said.

Way to go, Florida.  Just when you finally paved the way for students’ maximum effort toward scholastic excellence, you take the dangling carrot away and prove a child’s education really isn’t all that important.  Can’t we just ride this out and see what happens?  Stop making a big deal about kids seeing a pair of tits ‘too early’.   (more…)

[Daily Mail] As a soccer goalkeeper she is renowned for her acrobatics between the goal posts. And Dancing With The Stars contestant Hope Solo is showing off the amazing physique her sport has gifted her on a new magazine cover. The 30-year-old U.S national team player looked every inch the athlete as she posed completely nude for the ESPN sports periodical’s body issue. Her extremely defined abdominal muscles were on show for all to see in the both racy and sporty snap. No doubt Hope’s athletic background is helping her as she fights her way through this year’s celebrity ballroom dancing extravaganza.

When Keystoned speaks, it ain’t no bullshit running from this mouth. When Hope Solo announced in an interview that she was going to strip off the soccer jersey and get ’em out, I was on top of that like flies on shit and behold, she’s true to her word. Of course, ESPN is just going to give us this little dick tease of a cover and there probably won’t be anything else inside of ESPN magazine except shit opinions and useless polls, but that’s not the point here. Hope Solo got no pants on!   (more…)

(skip to about 40 seconds)

Get it? Because the wind is blowing on his thingy? Anyway, must really piss this news reporter off. It’s got to be tough to look like a badass, winning Emmys and saving the world by standing out in extreme conditions when a bunch of vacationing frat boys are just treating the hurricane like one big party, with their dicks blowing in the wind. Fraud.

– Thanks Katz

[Peace] Stephen Gough, 52, has been jailed for another 21 months after turning up naked for his trial at Perth Sheriff court. Gough appeared naked in the court dock and was found guilty of breaching the peace and being in contempt of court. Sheriff Fletcher told him: “The court expects people to come here in a decent state of dress.”

I know most people think this guy is kind of batshit, but I sort of see where he’s coming from. I pretty much went through the same exact thing but not even close. Instead of showing up to court naked, I wore shorts and they didn’t even let me in… which eventually led to me being arrested… which all started by getting an encroachment ticket for eating pizza on a curb while riots were going on in front of me. Yeah, the Midwest is a silly place. If the short version of that story was enough, move on to the next post. For the long version, click (more…)

[FindLaw]  The California town of Vacaville woke up to some strange news on Sunday morning when residents learned that Patricia Wright of nearby Fairfield had stormed a Super 8 Motel, taking control of its lobby for nearly 20 minutes. While such behavior isn’t completely out of the ordinary in California’s larger farming communities, Wright also happened to be naked and wielding a gun. Talk about seedy. Staying at the motel with a man, the Sacramento Bee reports that Patricia Wright entered the Super 8 lobby just after 2:40 a.m. Sunday morning, wearing no clothing and waving a gun. The front desk clerk called 911, and managed to talk Wright into surrendering about 20 minutes later. Upon arrest, she admitted that she had ingested marijuana, prescription medications, and ecstasy, notes The Reporter. Prosecutors have now charged Patricia Wright with brandishing a firearm, possession of a loaded firearm in public, and possession of a firearm with a removed serial number, according to the Bee. Because it’s obvious that pointing a loaded weapon at a motel clerk is illegal in the many states of the Union, let’s focus on the legal implications of firearms with missing serial numbers. Like in most states, in California it is against the law to change or remove a manufacturer’s name, model, or number from any firearm. It is also a misdemeanor to knowingly possess a firearm that has been altered in this way. So, at the very least, Patricia Wright is going to spend a few years behind bars, unless the prosecutor decides to take her drug-induced state into consideration.

I never thought they were true, but in this case, I am a full believer of the fear boner. If I was the clerk behind that counter, just getting rooms for horny couples at 2 am, and Patricia Wright here kicks open the front door wield a Glock 19 and two fun bags, I’d be harder in the face of danger than scrody watching good samaritans.  (more…)