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I’d like to take this opportunity to get one last word in about the devastating earthquake we had last week before we are completely engulfed (literally) by hurricane Irene. All I hear is everyone on the West Coast chirping about how we overreacted to our little tremors and how we’re such big pussies and all that. And I agree. It was a total overreaction. When I lived in LA and that would happen, we’d talk about it for a minute, get a nervous laugh in and then back to business as usual. But you know what else happened when I was in LA? Rain. Holy shit, when it rained it was like it was goddamn Armageddon in the City of Angels. Traffic everywhere, the whole city slowing to a crawl, breaking news updates. It was crazy. I’m not talking like a tropical storm or anything, I’m talking about like the rain we got yesterday. It seriously would have been the lead story on every newscast and people would be talking about it for a week. I’m not talking the earth moving… I’m talking drops of water falling from the sky. Forget about the massive storms we had last week. I think the whole city would break out in mass hysteria and implode.

Now that I got that off my chest. Time to turn my attention to Irene. I think we’re just about ready for it. We ran out to Target last night, got some water, beer, a flashlight, lots of frozen meats, some DVDs and a kite. I think we’re good to go. We were debating going out to my mom’s house on Eastern LI, but it seems like the storm might be heading there instead. Plus, her house is made of wood and my building is made of brick. If the three little pigs taught me anything, I think I should stick around home base. Godspeed everyone.

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I don’t know if you guys heard this or not, but we had an earthquake yesterday. I already forgot about it by about 5 PM, but they were still talking about it on the 10:00 news. I still don’t see what the big deal was, but in honor of our close call with certain doom, here are some dames from a few earthquake movies. 8/23/11 – Never Forget.

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Yeah, I know. Pretty dramatic stuff, right? I was on the 14th floor of my building (really the 13th, but for some reason we’re still labeling the 13th floors 14) and felt my whole office shaking. At first I thought it was construction, but soon I realized we were having an earthquake. I recognized the feeling because of my time in LaLa Land where they were pretty common. When it was over, I poked my head out of my office to bullshit with everyone for a minute since it’s kind of exciting and then went back to work. I was kind of surprised when the fire alarm started going off and the safety supervisor announced that we were being evacuated. Evacuated? Why? I didn’t even open my door at first, but when I poked my head out again to see what everyone else was doing, I was the only one left. Well, aside from the guys hanging outside of my window on one of those suspended window washer platforms. They just kept working. Yeah, made me feel like a huge fag, but I evacuated anyway. I figured it was some free time off. I couldn’t really understand why we were all on the streets. What was going on? Everyone knows it’s over right? Like, it’s not like a fire or anything that can be put out. It was in the past. And what if it did strike again? Now instead of falling to my death I’d be crushed by the building instead. Whatever. I wrangled up a couple of coworkers and headed to a place where most sane people wait out a natural disaster: (more…)

I walked over the the Marrakesh Chefs truck for lunch looking for a nice belly bomb to knock me out for the day. Success! I had a hard time deciding between the kofta and the merguez, but as my eyes scanned the menu I noticed the Royal Platter. Kofta plus merguez plus chicken in dijion sauce. Yes please. I am here to tell you, that little motherfucker was tasty. Check out their twitter feed to see where they’re located day-to-day. I highly recommend you check them out.

Are you part of the 14% of adults that can’t read?  1 in 7 adults won’t be able to read what i just typed.  That is about 32 Million American adults who lack the ability to pick up a newspaper or log on to into BOLIVIAN and read what they are seeing.   Hell, I am not sure 610 can read and I know for a fact that scrody can’t.  Being the educator that I am, I think I have found a tool to help even the stupidest American adult learn his/her A, B, C’s:, 5/10/11– Updating childhood activities for an older audience isn’t always easy, unless you’re talking about dolls, in which case being easy is the very quality that makes them so great. For some twisted artistic takes on another hallmark of childhood, check out The Alphabet Series. From a BK designer/illustrator who’d been kicking around the idea of “taking kiddie games and making them adult” for the past five years, these prints feature “politically incorrect” takes on alphabet-learnin’ flash cards, which the artist thinks you should find funny “if you weren’t dropped as a baby” (though in that case, wouldn’t you find everything funny?). The ABCs of awesome include:  (more…)

Did everyone else’s commute to work suck this morning or was it just mine? I woke up to the news that an Amtrak train derailed in the East River tunnel and all LIRR trains were basically fucked because of it. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, since service on the LIRR is heading south faster than a pig on prom night (that was a fat chick blow job joke for anyone that missed it). I’m talking about their cut service, their increasing prices, their total lack of ability to shovel a sidewalk when it snows and the smell of piss you have to endure when you get one of the “classic” trains. I could go on, but this isn’t just a rant about the LIRR. It’s about the fact that absolutely nobody is calling this what it obviously is. A terrorist attack. (more…)

Sweet Picture of a Martian on the Subway

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God I love NYC. I wish Bloody Loco tried fucking with this guy instead of the super calm, speed reading, blue sweater guy. That would have been an amazing video. Ah well.