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I know, I know… pics or it didn’t happen. Oh wait, what’s this? A photo just came across my desk. Looks like Gaddafi and he looks pretty dead. Check it out (Graphic). (more…)

[NY Post]  Just call him Icky bin Laden. US intelligence analysts appar ently have discovered a “fairly extensive” stash of video porn among the material Navy SEALs hauled away from Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani hideout. The Saudi’s smut was found on computers or storage devices retrieved during the special-ops strike in Abbottabad — not a complete surprise, since jihadis are really into the stuff. Remember the 9/11 hijackers, who indulged themselves boozing and buying lap dances in Las Vegas and Florida before embarking on their murderous final mission? And the Fort Hood shooter, who spent marathon 8-hour sessions in a strip club in Killeen, Texas, before taking 13 lives in the name of Allah? This is the high moral character of the Islamist fanatic: He’s not only bloodthirsty, but a hypocrite too. And it seems that bin Laden’s multiple wives — and the promise of 72 virgins in paradise — weren’t enough to stay his . . . well, we won’t go there. The Abbottabad compound had no Internet access, of course. So how did the videos even get there? Maybe it was part of the supply chain: bread, water, batteries — and installment seven of “Hot Goats of the Hindu Kush.” In any case, it’s an interesting indication of al Qaeda’s priorities. And it’s another confirmation of the moral depravity of the king of fanatics — a barbarous old lech who hid his head when karma came calling.

You know what?  I hate Bin Laden a little less now.  Kinda humanizes him…I’d have actually expected a maniacal mass-murderer type to be too insane to find some alone time & spit a load in his turban.  Too caught up with plotting terrorist attacks to cue up a BangBros download & dole out a jihad on his pecker.  But you know what?   (more…)

[The Frisky]  The world’s number one selling male sex toy company, Fleshlight, has extended their thanks to SEAL Team 6, the country’s highest protective detail Navy SEALs, who conducted one of the bravest missions in American History forever changing the landscape of the United States of America, and the world.  The company sent the SEAL team a six case of Fleshlight products named “Stealth”.  This product is aptly named as it is very concealable and hard to detect.  These “Stealth” Fleshlight products have now been replaced by the arrival of Fleshlight Pure.  “We want to thank the Navy SEALs for their efforts,” says Brian Shubin, COO of Fleshlight.  “For their courage, and the fact they risked their lives to protect our freedom, we hope they will appreciate our gifts.”

Hey asshole, you know when these could be handy?  When our troops are stranded out in a sandstorm in Afghanistan guarding their posts for hours on end, wondering if they’ll make it home to dip their dongs in some warm American apple pie.  When the desert conditions have our bravest soldiers’ hands too dried out for self-servicing.  You know when they don’t need them?   (more…)

[Fox News]  A quick-thinking New Yorker who started selling T-shirts celebrating Usama bin Laden’s death made $120,000 in less than two days, TMZ reported Friday. Maurice Harary, 23, went straight to his New York apartment when he heard Sunday that bin Laden was killed by US forces in a precision raid in Pakistan. He immediately began building a website to sell his “bin Laden is dead” T-shirts. Harary claimed that his site went live at 3:30am local time Monday and sold 10,000 T-shirts at $12 each by Tuesday night. The sales added up to $120,000 in less than two days as Americans expressed their relief that the man who masterminded the 9/11 bombings was dead.

Oh fuck you and your ‘quick thinking’, Maurice – and that’s spoken out of pure jealousy.  I’m so pissed off.  This was literally free money, and even 5 days after the most hated man in the world was clipped the thought STILL didn’t cross my mind to make shirts, bumper stickers, pins, hats, coffee mugs or anything at all to capitalize.  Seriously, every single one of us should be ashamed for not having Bin Laden paraphernalia printed instantly.   (more…)

Well, the CIA has already contacted me about my last post. They said “no can do” to Roswell pictures, but they did give me video of a different draft of Obama’s “We got Bin Laden” speech. I kind of like it better than the one they decided to go with, but I guess that’s why I blog from a basement with no french toast and not from the West Wing. Take a look after the jump. (more…)

[Fox] NEW YORK – Dawdling JFK Airport security waited 40 minutes before calling cops after a man told a ticket agent that he was Usama bin Laden and was carrying a bomb, furious law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

Christian Boncorps, 61, told an Air France ticket agent, “My name is bin Laden, and I have a bomb in my bag.”

But by the time cops were called, luggage belonging to the boozed-up suspect was already aboard a Paris-bound jet that he planned to get on, sources said.

An Air France reservation clerk asked him what he had in his bag, thinking he might be trying to smuggle more booze aboard, one source said, prompting the irked Boncorps to make his comment about the now-dead terror chief.

But instead of calling Port Authority cops immediately, the clerk escorted him to a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening site, where workers simply put him through standard pre-flight screening procedures.

How pissed do you think Christian here is? He’s probably just one of those guys, looking for his 15 minutes of fame and came up with a rock solid plan after one of his homeless drinking buddies told him he looked like bin Laden.   (more…)

First this exchange with Scrody that started with the mystery of people searching Coco Crisp’s afro like crazy and hitting our site when his puff was the rage 2 weeks ago:

610:  People are all about Obama and Coco Crisp’s afro the past two days.

Scrody:  I get Coco Crisp’s afro, but why so much attention to Obama?

610:  No idea.  I think we’re missing something.  Oh and don’t tell Obama, but I meant to type ‘Bin Laden’ in my last email to you.  Easy to get the two confused though, right?

Scrody:  Wait, you meant to type “Bin Laden” but typed “Obama”?  That’s a lot of coincidental typos.

610:  Osama, Obama…whatever, get a normal name.

Scrody:  That I could see… Osama/Obama is easy to fuck up. But Obama/Bin Laden is at least like, 10 typos.

He’s right.  I didn’t mix up ‘Osama/Obama’, I mixed up ‘Bin Laden’ & ‘Obama’.  Then this exchange took place later on at my office:  (more…)