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[KDSK]  An Eastlake,Ohio city employee admits that he exposed himself and sent photos of his genitals to a co-worker as part of a “private parts contest.” Building Inspector Rich Vild dropped his pants in front of two female co-workers in September while they were standing in the parking lot of a Wickliffe night club. Vild also sent a photo of his penis to a different female colleague’s cell phone. “It was something that I regret,” Vild said. “A couple people go out and have a couple drinks and people coerce you into doing something. “There were other people there who were supposed to do the same thing. I left after that, so I don’t know what happened,” he added. Vild said the women in his office have a dirty little secret of their own: They were swapping graphic photos of men using city computers and on city time. He said one woman even used one of the snapshots as a screensaver for her work computer. “I know it was wrong, but I’m not the only one who was wrong here in the building,” said Vild. Vild said he reported the graphic material to the city finance director a few days ago. Mayor Ted Andrzejewski said he had no idea there was such an allegation. “I will look into it,” Andrzejewski said, including ordering a review of city computers.

Hey Rich, ever hear of “losing with dignity”?  You lost the private parts contest fair & square.  I’m not saying you should be pleased with defeat, but you didn’t really have a chance when Maurice the black janitor blindsided the competition with his entry.  You should be proud you were even in the running. You got a competitive hog, congratulations.   (more…)

[TSG]  Chicago police are investigating the posting to Facebook of a photo that appears to show a young girl with her hands and legs bound and her mouth covered with tape. The picture, seen above, was recently posted to the Facebook page of Andre Curry, a 21-year-old Chicago man. The photo carried the notation, “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; ).” Hours after the photo was originally posted, a Facebook friend of Curry’s wrote, “U goin to jail.” Je’Vanna Cobbins, a second Facebook friend, wrote, “really??? Dre.” Cobbins, a Chicago resident, told TSG she believes Curry was just “playing around,” adding that, “I wouldn’t say it was child abuse.” Cobbins said that Curry–who once dated her sister–would “never do anything to harm anyone.” While noting that the image went “a bit too far,” Cobbins added that Curry was “being playful with his child. People play with their child differently.” The disturbing image–which began to circulate online over the past several days–apparently prompted calls to cops. A Chicago Police Department spokesman today told TSG that “detectives are looking into it.” Curry did not respond to a message sent via his Facebook page (where photos are only available to his friends). In a phone interview, Curry’s grandmother said that he is father to a young daughter, but added that she knew nothing about the Facebook photo.

Good for you, Andre.  Sure it’s unconventional but you know what?  It sure as hell beats deciding to fight her like a man because this little bitch got hand-happy instead of simply accepting the consequence for whatever she did to make dad slap her around in the first place.  Dre showed uncommon restraint in…well…using restraints instead of closed fists.  And before you say “well you shouldn’t hit a 4 year-old in the first place”, think about what a child that age is capable of.   (more…)

[Arizona]  A man is in custody after allegedly texting a naked photo of his girlfriend’s daughter to nearly 40 contacts in the girl’s cellphone. Eugene Foster, 31, was arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor, said Elias Johnson of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. According to what 3TV’s Mike Watkiss learned, Foster found the photo of the girl, who is a student at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley, and decided to teach her a lesson by sending the photo to contacts in her phone. Investigators do not believe Foster was intentionally trying to exploit the child. When the officials at Florence Unified School District learned about the incident, they contacted parents, asking them to immediately delete the text if they or their children received it. They also advised parents to have a conversation with their kids to explain that sharing nude photos of minors, whether by text message, e-mail or via the Internet, is illegal under state and federal child pornography laws and that the penalties and consequences of such action can be severe. “To spread this photo further would not only add to the devastating embarrassment of one of our students, making a bad situation worse, it would make the sender subject to severe legal consequences,” Dawn Hawman, the district’s director of public relations, told parents. The welfare of our students is always our top priority, and we appreciate your assistance in minimizing the damage done by one adult’s poor choices.”

Obviously this is a ridiculously stupid move, but let’s be fair to Eugene.  How would YOU react if you saw your teen daughter was taking naked pics on her cell?  I mean that’s gotta be a different level of rage and, all other options considered, he should be commended for not tearing her head off.  The bond between father and daddy’s little girl is…wait, this was his GIRLFRIEND’S KID?!?!?!   (more…)

I know, I know… pics or it didn’t happen. Oh wait, what’s this? A photo just came across my desk. Looks like Gaddafi and he looks pretty dead. Check it out (Graphic). (more…)

[news] CATHAY Pacific says it has launched a “full investigation” into photos which appear to show a flight attendant performing oral sex on a pilot aboard an aircraft of the Hong Kong carrier. Several pixellated photos of the act have been published in local Chinese-language media, showing the woman in a red outfit resembling Cathay’s cabin crew uniform giving oral sex to a man who the reports said was a pilot.

“There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the act took place in-flight, and there are no reasons to believe that any safety breaches have occurred,” a spokeswoman said.

A spokesman for the firm was quoted as saying in separate comments to the South China Morning Post newspaper: “One of the photos appears to have been taken inside an aircraft cockpit. There is no way to tell conclusively whether the photo was taken while the aircraft was on the ground or airborne.”

So a stewardess polishes the pilots joystick and everyone is all up in arms? I just don’t get the outrage here. I think I’d be more concerned if the pilot wasn’t getting blown in the cockpit. (more…)

[Australia]  Two teenage children of a prominent Sydney barrister have been charged with using a “pornographic photo” to blackmail a wealthy north shore mother. The boy and girl allegedly demanded the woman leave $15,000 in a toilet cistern at a hotel or they would make the photo public. They were arrested after the woman’s husband reported the demand to police and a covert operation was set up to catch the youths. The girl was arrested by plainclothes officers on May 30 after she walked out of the unisex bathroom of the hotel’s gaming room empty handed. The boy, who police allege was nearby, was arrested some weeks later. An 18-year-old accomplice, who said he was a friend of the boy, pleaded guilty to extortion last week and will be sentenced in September. They believe the teens were in the same social set as the victim’s daughter. Police believe the images were stolen from the woman’s home. A copy of the extortion letter received by the victim on May 29 was allegedly found by police on an Apple laptop used by the siblings. The teens’ mother told police the laptop was used by both her children. The letter was allegedly saved in a file titled “threat letter MILF” less than five hours before a copy was allegedly slid under the front door of the victim’s mansion in an envelope addressed to the victim and labelled “private”. On the day of the Hunters Hill cash drop the woman placed a package in the cistern of the toilet and then left the hotel, the court has been told. She returned to her car and sent a text message to the alleged extortionists confirming she had made the drop. The girl then entered the toilet and spent 13 minutes inside. There was no money in the package so the girl left empty handed and was arrested by officers. In the minutes following the arrest police allege her brother used a phone to make 12 phone calls and send two text messages to their father. About an hour after the girl was arrested the woman’s husband received a call from the offenders. The caller said: “You used undercover cops, f … you, f … you. You tell (name of woman) she is dead”.

Hahahahaha “threat letter MILF”.  I have no idea what a barrister is but it sounds loaded, so why these cake-eating brats are concocting extortion plans is beyond me.  Boredom, I guess.  Or heroin.  Yeah, gotta be heroin.  If it was sheer boredom I’d like to think these kids would’ve executed a little better than some shitty PG crime flick.  Anyone who knows anything knows what’s at the drop site.   (more…)

[Daily News]  A Florida traffic court judge was busted after a man told police that she used her cell phone to take pictures of him standing at a courthouse urinal, authorities said. Rhonda Hollander, 47, was arrested last week after her kooky candid camera shots inside the men’s room at the West Regional Courthouse, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. A report of the encounter says Willie Jackson Jr. was “getting ready to urinate” when Hollander appeared at the adjoining urinal and began snapping away. She then took photos of another man entering the restroom before she bolted, ducking inside another judge’s chambers. Police were summoned and quickly located Hollander, who admitted taking the pictures. But the judge refused to surrender her cell phone, insisting “it was a public restroom and that she was not breaking any kind of laws,” the report said. Hollander then started snapping pictures of the arresting officer – and bit his finger when he pointed at her and ordered the judge to stop shooting, the report said.

“Getting ready to urinate”  for some reason paints the image in my head that Willie’s willy is deployed via crank like a hose.  Just gives me the feeling there’s a lot of piss prep involved.  “…when Hollander appeared at the adjoining urinal”  makes it sound as if Rhonda repelled down through an asbestos-ridden ceiling tile to capture the evasive purple-headed warrior on digital media.  Pretty exciting story in my head.  Kind of a combo between Mission Impossible and Anaconda.  But that doesn’t mean this makes any sense.   (more…)