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Remember that homeless guy that had his face eaten off by that other homeless guy on bath salts? Well here’s a couple pics documenting his miraculous recovery.  Almost like it never happened outside of a few scars…but scars leave character… (more…)

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Ruh Roh. It’s going to take all damn day to pepper spray all these kids. Might have to call on the campus fire department to load their rigs with the stuff and hose ’em down Birmingham style. I don’t get this whole thing. Forget about how you feel about OWS for a second. I don’t care if you’re part of the 1%, the 99% or the rest of the percent, this was a dumb move by the cop. First of all, he’s not even a real cop. He’s campus police, which is like one step above mall security guard. Why get all worked up when you can just sit back, check out some West Coast co-eds and let the real police do the heavy lifting? Second of all (and this is the big one), he’s a state employee. I’m assuming that comes with all kinds of great civil service compensation like healthcare, lots of vacation and a pension. Obviously there are cameras everywhere and every move you make is going to be documented and spread around the world with a few clicks. Is it really worth risking your cushy job just to ‘contain’ some people kneeling down on campus? I sure as shit wouldn’t have done it. The only thing I can think of is that this officer is one of those guys that got picked on a lot in school and became a cop just so he could do some bullying of his own. People make some really foolish decisions when they’re drunk with power. Only a matter of time before he’s kissing his 401K goodbye and hanging out with his pepper sprayees on the unemployment line.

One of my favorite things to come of this whole fiasco is the trove of photoshop jobs on the now iconic photo. Some of my favorites, after the jump. (more…)

Phew, that was close. We almost missed Hispanic Heritage month without dedicating a round of Mugs ‘N’ Jugs to our favorite Chicas Latinas. Is there any ethnic group sexier than Latina chicks? Doubt it. Anyway, match las mugs alas jugs… Ay, Papi!


I’m just going to start right off with a disclaimer. This is in no way a “best of” or “who’s hottest” list. So if you’re a fan of Zooey Deschanel or Maria Bello or Christina Applegate or someone, don’t get all worked up here. I was just looking through some of the new shows that were coming out this season and rounded up the photos that had good enough, uh, assets to stick in Mugs ‘N’ Jugs. 

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In honor of me actually trying to pay attention to football from the get-go this season instead of waiting until the baseball playoffs are over, I’m going with an NFL theme this week. Here are some girls that represent the local (and not so local) NY teams. Yes, I’m throwing Buffalo in there because I need three. This one isn’t exactly going to be tough since they’re wearing team colors and what not, but BOOBIES.

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Well, more like September pin-ups I guess… but these big breasted babes all have birthdays in the month of September, so close enough. Jesus is jacking bombs while these broads are sporting their own. Maybe the end of the summer isn’t that bad after all.

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[TMZ] There is a MAJOR Rebecca Black crisis on Facebook — with allegations of deception, identity theft … and most importantly a smoking hot bikini model … who happens to be named Rebecca Black. Turns out, there’s more than one person on Earth named Rebecca Black — one of whom is a self-described, “fitness bikini competitor.” And she has the photos to prove it. Black (bikini) tells TMZ … sometime in the past week, her friend list on Facebook exploded from 800 friends to 73,000 … and she had no idea how it happened. Black started getting emails from upset fans of the singer — accusing her of intentionally hijacking the 14-year-old’s page … but Black (bikini) claims she never tried to steal anyone’s identity. Black (bikini) insists Facebook is to blame for somehow “merging” her account with Black’s (singer) without her permission.

Whoa. One minute I’m jamming away, trying to figure out what seat Rebecca is going to take and the next minute she’s a hard bodied bikini model? Kids grow up so fast. Kinda went south though, didn’t she? She had so much potential. Now I’m not so sure she’s deserving of the top spot on our Who’s Next list. Such a shame.

More photos of Rebecca Black the bikini model: (more…)