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[Yahoo]  The owner of the Pittsburgh Power fired all 24 members of his team during a pregame meal at an Orlando-area Olive Garden. With AFL players set to strike before the 2012 season opener, owner Matt Shaner reacted first, cutting his entire team hours before kickoff of a game against the Orlando Predators. “Mid-statement, all the players got up and left,” former Power center Beau Elliott told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Every player got up and left while he was still talking. There were 15 to 20 angry, large individuals.” The AFL Player’s Association was calling for an increase in the $400 game checks paid to most players on each team. The union demanded a 300 percent increase in the minimum salary. AFL owners countered with a $100 raise. Shaner told the newspaper that some players split from the union and returned to the team in time for Saturday night’s game. Those who didn’t were stuck in Orlando and forced to return to Pittsburgh on their own. Members of the Predators were also released. The game was still played, with unfilled roster spots being taken by replacement players, some of whom arrived to the arena minutes before kickoff. One backup quarterback switched teams before the game after getting “drafted” during a pregame selection. As a result, the season opener had the feeling of a pick-up game down by the local high school field. The NFL Network broadcast the game live. Announcers reportedly couldn’t identify a number of players. Pittsburgh won 40-26, in front of more than 13,000 fans.

Well I guess that’ll be the end of negotiations, eh?  The AFL Player’s Association just got cock-slapped by Matt Shaner right in the middle of Olive Garden.  Could there be a worse place to be embarrassed like this?  I mean if I’m part of the Union I’m graciously accepting the extra hondo and countering with simply moving the pre-game spread to Houlihan’s or something.  You’re in the Arena Football League, homie.   (more…)


RIP Molly's. You'll be missed.

[USA Today] A flight crew testing Boeing’s 747-8 Freighter flew the jumbojet 2,500 miles from Boeing’s facilities near Seattle to Pittsburgh to get “a taste of Pittsburgh’s most famous sandwich,” The Associated Press writes.

Once in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review writes the 747-test crew “nosh(ed) on Pittsburgh’s signature fry-and-slaw-filled sandwiches.”

The sandwiches were delivered from a Primanti Bros. restaurant directly toPittsburgh International for the crew’s meal.

“Everybody (else in the test crew) loved it,” Boeing flight test director Paul Shank says to the Tribune-Review. “They were all like, ‘Who would have thought to put fries and cole slaw on a sandwich?’ ”

For Shank, the test flight to Pittsburgh was also a trip home.

“It was comfort food for me, something that reminded me of home,” says Shank, a native of nearby Indiana County in western Pennsylvania.

Well, if there’s anyone that understands traveling for food, it’s your boy Scrody. I went to school in the Midwest and then moved out to Los Angeles for four years. Any time I came back to NY for a visit, there were certain things that needed to be checked off the “to eat” list. Pizza was obviously at the top, followed by a deli sandwich and a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll for breakfast. And now that I’m living in NY again, I do the same thing when I head back to LA. (more…)