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Wouldn’t it have made more sense to just band together and pummel Roberto Luongo?  Regardless, props to TheWeedGuy for putting together the quality 10 minute riot montage.  Pretty much a solid view all the way through…


Oh yeah, and for knotting the game with 13 seconds left so your boys can win in double-OT and take the Western crown. That too.

Jesus Christ!  Hide the women & children, it’s the motherfuckin’ Durantula!

This is a painful catharsis.  I’m not happy about doing it, but it’s the truth.  It’s the King’s fault the Blueshirts aren’t up 3-1 instead of the win-or-go-home situation they’ll be facing for the next 3 games (at best).  Yes, Marc Staal’s clearing attempt in Game 1 was a bad idea, and no one was stopping Semin’s top-shelf laser.  Of course Gaborik should’ve just let Lundqvist cover that puck last night instead of deciding to make his first ever attempt at back-checking.  But why were either of those games in OT in the first place?

Game 1 – Gotta make an all-out effort to cover that puck instead of just standing your ground thinking you have the post covered and letting Ovechkin tee off on you repeatedly.  Girardi could’ve tried not getting bulldozed and maybe Fedotenko could’ve chosen another defensive strategy besides “Just Stand There And Watch”, but, as the last line of defense, #30 can’t just sit and wait for a whistle.  Get that mitt down.

Game 4 – This one’s a bit tougher, but besides the fact that a weak shot from that angle should’ve never gotten behind him in the first place he’s still gotta control & cover the biscuit.  Lundy’s glove was all over it – can’t just sling it down his pad there and have no idea where it is.

Lundqvist is the man – the King – make no mistake about it.  In no way whatsoever am I bashing him or saying there’s a netminder out there who could’ve done any better.  He’s played out of his mind and is the only reason the Rangers have had the slightest chance of sniffing victory…but the fact of the matter is, he needed to play mistake-free and he hasn’t.  I guess that’s just the burden of having to carry your entire team.

Can the Rangers just shut this Micky Rooney look-alike’s fat fucking cake hole tonight?  Boo hoo, MSG is a shithole, our arena is louder.  Waaahh, stop the head-hunting on Mike Green.  Even he doesn’t give a fuck:

“I’m used to it and I’m ready for it,” Green said. “I did feel a blow to my head … whether it was or was not intentional, it’s over with. They’re coming hard. Whether they’re high or just finishing their checks is irrelevant. They’re coming so hard it’s hard to get out of the way. It is what it is. It’s part of the game. I’m not complaining.”

It’s the playoffs, dickface.  You’re the top seed, right?  Up 2-1 in the series?  Act like it, tubby.  All you’re doing with your whinefest is proving you think your team’s so fragile after a single loss & last year’s first-round collapse hanging over their heads that you need to divert the attention.  You’re also rallying the home troops and letting the Blueshirts know you’re scared.  Keep babbling, fatso.  While you’ve been running your mouth, Boyle and McCabe have been sprouting some upper-lip decor & are joining Dubinsky on the playoff mustache train.  Your squad couldn’t even handle one diesel crumb-catcher – good luck against a trio tonight.


An absolute legendary performance by Carmelo Anthony without Billups or STAT.  Down double-digits in the 3rd and he almost single-handedly willed the Knicks to victory.



I’d also like to take a moment to reiterate my lifelong FUCK YOU to Jared Jeffries.


Hey if you’re gonna rock the most ridiculous mustache in the history of facial hair, you better damn well bury the game-winner.  I’m officially done shaving my upper-lip.  Fuck beards, cue the Rangers playoff ‘staches!!  Let’s Go Rangers!!!!