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[Cincinnati]  A Hamilton police officer abruptly resigned earlier this month after he was allegedly seen masturbating and peeking into windows at a Monroe motel and using the motel parking lot as a restroom. Justin Lunsford, who joined the police force in 2007, was charged Dec. 6 with two counts each of voyeurism and public indecency. Both charges are misdemeanors. Lunsford has a pretrial hearing scheduled for Dec. 21 in Butler County Area III Court in West Chester Township. According to a police report, Lunsford was stopped Nov. 30 after patrons at Parkside Inn on Hamilton-Middletown Road reported seeing a man in a white hooded sweatshirt, naked from the waist down, urinating and defecating in the parking lot. The suspect, later identified as Lunsford, was seen getting into a black SUV, which Monroe police stopped attempting to leave the lot. Police filed charges a week later after reviewing video footage from the Parkside Inn’s security cameras. The police report says that Lunsford admitted the public indecency and voyeurism incidents in an interview with investigators.

Why even include the fact that the Parkside Inn’s grounds were being used as a toilet?  We’re not talking about the Ritz-Carlton here, and I’m pretty sure that’s nothing compared to patrolling motel windows with no pants on & your kung-fu-gripped boner out anyway.  It’s like saying, “A devastatingly handsome man known only as 610 was found smashing infant baby heads together…and he also jaywalked.”   (more…)


[Smoking Gun]  Meet Samuel Fazio. When Colorado cops arrived Monday at a Mesa County home to arrest him, the 22-year-old began grappling with officers in an attempt to flee. When Fazio ignored repeated orders to stop resisting, a sheriff’s deputy employed an unorthodox tactic to control him. “I reached between his legs and grabbed his testicles until he stopped resisting and we were able to place him in handcuffs,”reported Deputy Hassan Hassan. “Constant pressure was not applied to Fazio in this manuever as I let up as soon as he quit resisting and gained compliance.” Hassan added that his testicle grab lasted only a few seconds. While not taught in the police academy, sheriff’s department officials have defended the gonad grab as an appropriate way to control an unruly suspect like Fazio (who elbowed Hassan in the face during the scrum, causing lacerations on the deputy’s lips). It is unclear whether deputies are considering future use of related practices like the purple nurple or the atomic wedgie.

“WE” were able to place him in handcuffs?  Hey it’s good to see the academy paid off.  Multiple police applied exactly 0% of their combat skills to get a 150-lb dude’s hands behind his back.  I mean who wouldn’t rather take an elbow to the donut hole & a handful of yam bag as opposed to a quick tase or a baton swat?   (more…)

[Oklahoma]  Around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 20, a deputy with the K-9 unit was traveling westbound on S.W. 29th Street near S. Pennsylvania. In the video, you can see the white pickup truck in front of the cruiser swerve out of the way. Moments later, an SUV appears and slams into the cruiser. The deputy suffered minor injuries. His K-9 deputy “Boze” was not seriously injured. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrested the driver of the SUV, 21-year-old Francisco Noriega-Perales. Perales was jailed in the Oklahoma County Detention Center on complaints of driving under the influence, driving on the wrong side of the road, and not wearing a seatbelt.


[SFGate]  A Vacaville police officer who is a former Oakland Raiderette has filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against the city, saying she was sexually harassed and ostracized because of her cheerleader past. Nicole Rosenstiel, 35, of Yountville said in her federal civil-rights suit that she was subjected to jokes and unwelcome comments about her looks by fellow officers at the Vacaville Police Department, which she joined in 2004. She has been on unpaid leave since 2009. Colleagues made snide references to her having been a cheerleader for the Raiders from 1997 to 2001, said her suit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Sacramento. According to the suit, during a change of shift one day, a sergeant “asked for a show of hands by those officers who wanted to see plaintiff naked,” the suit says. One officer told Rosenstiel in front of other officers, “Nice rack,” according to the complaint. “Her supervisor told her that she should not work out in the department’s gym because she would draw attention to herself because of her appearance,” the suit said. “Altered photographs of her and Oakland Raiders ‘Raiderettes’ were posted with a caption, ‘Stay away from my daddy, bitch.’ ” “People just thought that it was OK to treat me like that,” Rosenstiel said in an interview Thursday. “No one deserves to be treated that way.” Mark Mazzaferro, a spokesman for the city of Vacaville, said, “We feel that the complaint is without merit, and we intend to litigate this vigorously.”

First of all, you gotta be kidding me with that picture.  Guessing this was a legitimate photo of a police officer would’ve been my 3rd guess if I saw this out of context, behind a stripper’s Facebook photo captioned ‘me right before my first bachelor party’ or a porn star’s titled ‘on the set of Beaverly Hills Cock right before my first DP scene’.  Anyway, sweet tits, cry me a fucking river.   (more…)

[My Fox DFW]  Fort Worth police recently got involved in a strange low-speed chase with a forklift. Police said the suspect stole the equipment from a construction site before taking them on a trip through city streets and onto the highway. A witness videotaped the chase and then posted it to YouTube. He and his roommate had stopped for gas on University Drive when they saw the forklift go by. Nathan Lowery said he was stunned as he watched the shirtless suspect raise and lower the forks. It looked like the man was trying to antagonize police, he said. “When we passed him, the guy was standing up chugging a beer and threw it at the cop car behind him,” Lowery said. Police finally arrested 43-year-old Timothy Raines on Interstate 30. He was charged with a list of crimes including theft, aggravated assault on a peace officer and driving while intoxicated.

Are you shitting me dude at 1:55?  Asking for directions?  Fuck where you’re supposed to be, you follow the forklift.  Anyway, kudos to you Tim Raines.  Hey what else are you gonna do after an almost-but-not-quite Hall of Fame career with the Expos?  Coach?  Fuck that.   (more…)

[LA Times]  New York Rangers and ex-Los Angeles Kings hockey star Sean Avery is in a downtown jail after being arrested early Friday morning, accused of battery on an LAPD officer, authorities said. Authorities responded about 1 a.m. to a neighbor’s complaint about loud music at Avery’s Hollywood Hills home, police said. Avery, 31, is alleged to have argued with officers before pushing one and slamming the door, said LAPD Officer Cleon Joseph. Following the confrontation, additional officers were called to the home and Avery eventually was taken into custody, he said. Avery is being held on suspicion of battery at an LAPD jail. The incident was first reported on TMZ. The hockey star, known for his confrontational style on the ice, went to anger-management training following a statement he made about a rival player before a December 2008 game. He was suspended by the NHL after he referred to a Calgary Flames player who was dating his ex-girlfriend as “falling in love with sloppy seconds.”

My buddy just told me about this.  The exact opposite of a hockey fan, he says, “I love how I can see the headline ‘New York Ranger Arrested’ and know exactly who it is.”  Me, Mr. Hockey, had no idea who it could be.  Duh.  Listen, Sean Avery’s “Heels & Handbags” bash or whatever was going on in his Hollywood Hills home doesn’t stop until he says it’s over.   (more…)

Aaaaaand… JUDO CHOP! I know they’re wearing uniforms and everything, but just so everyone is clear, the black guys are the cops in this particular video. Now that I just typed that out I realize how obvious it is since if it were the other way around the perp would have been shot 20-30 times. Anyway, this is one of the best cop takedowns I’ve ever seen. I love the way he times it perfectly, kinda lulls him to sleep, finds his window and pounces like a goddamn ninja. Just tossed that ginger to the ground like a boss. I don’t blame this cop one bit, gingers with their hands in their pockets are almost always up to something. This is one of those ‘everyone wins’ situations though. Axel Foley here looks like a bad ass on national TV and Freckles has a sick story to tell his buddies when he gets home. Vegas, it really is a magical place.