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See this is the danger you run in today’s world.  10 years ago, you could go around running your mouth at the bar simply because you were the biggest or loudest.  It was cake to go knocking off mom & pop We Buy Gold shops with a pellet gun.  Why?  Well, odds were very much in your favor that you were dealing with a pussy on the other side.  Someone that’d cower at the mere hint of confrontation.  But now?   (more…)

Clutterbuck Just Knocking Out Refs

Posted: November 4 @ 12:30pm by keystoned in Bolivian
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I don’t really watch other hockey aside from the Bruins because I’m a pretentious douchebag like that (and also the college cable doesn’t get Versus so I miss about 70% of games anyhow), but this made my day. (more…)

[Detroit Free Press] A Livonia man accused of inappropriately touching a waitress at the MGM Grand Detroit casino is suing the city of Detroit, saying a Detroit police officer sucker-punched him twice – once when he was down — in an unprovoked attack this summer. And he has surveillance video to prove it, he says. Patrick Poisson, 38, of Livonia had allegedly inappropriately touched a waitress’s buttocks and would not leave the bar, so the casino’s security summoned Detroit police for help. One of the responding officers was Arthur Dudal, who approached Poisson and told him to leave. What happened next triggered a fight, and a lawsuit. Poisson says in his lawsuit that he complied with the officer’s request to leave, but that as he walked out, Dudal got in his face and threw a roundhouse right-hand punch, striking his nose, and followed with a left hook to the head, knocking him to the ground. As he lay on the ground in the fetal position, Dudal slugged him again, fracturing two ribs. Two days later, a warrant was issued for Poisson’s arrest, seeking to charge him with assault and battery on a police officer – saying he threw the first punch – and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for touching the waitress.

A summons was issued in federal court today for the city of Detroit and Dudal to respond to the lawsuit within 21 days. A third defendant, officer Jose Ortiz, also was named in the lawsuit. He was the officer who filed the warrant request seeking to charge Poisson. In his request, Ortiz wrote that “The defendant turned around and charged at Officer Dudal. The defendant attempted to strike Officer Dudal with his right fist but missed. Officer Dudal defended himself by striking the defendant in the face with his right fist. The defendant charged at Officer Dudal a second time. Officer Dudal, in an attempt to defend himself, struck the defendant’s face with his left fist. The defendant fell to the ground and was still fighting with Officer Dudal. Officer Dudal and his partner …. Handcuffed the defendant as he resisted arrest.”

Dudal had to be banging this waitress, right?  Otherwise, I don’t get why he didn’t just wait to get this guy in an alley or somewhere other than a casino bar full of people to dole out this face-smashing.  Isn’t that how cops normally hand out justice?   (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Statesman]  A fight over a dance routine led to one teenager punching another, breaking his jaw and causing facial paralysis, according to an arrest affidavit filed Wednesday in Travis County. Tomas Tapia, 16, has been charged with aggravated assault in connection with the July incident, the affidavit said. He was not in custody Wednesday , according to jail records. Tapia was practicing dance routines for an upcoming party along with three friends at a home on Wentworth Drive in East Austin, according to the affidavit. One of the teens, Rosendo Jaimes, 16, became upset because his friend Osman Silva was rehearsing a song that he didn’t like, the affidavit said. That’s when the suspect’s brother, Jarim Tapia, got into an argument with Jaimes, the affidavit said. Tomas Tapia then intervened by punching Jaimes in the face, the affidavit said. Jaimes was hospitalized and treated for a broken jaw. A doctor who treated him told police that one of Jaimes’ nerves had been severed, resulting in lifelong numbness to his lower lip and teeth, the affidavit said.

Well it doesn’t take much to deduce the problem here.  Rosendo’s an asshole & everyone in the troupe has a problem with him.  I get it.  Dicking around with the music selection with the party right around the corner and the routine not even set?  Are you crazy?   (more…)

[Providence]  A member of the Fairhaven Planning Board, who’s also a constable, is accused of assaulting a disabled man. Joseph Morra was charged Monday with assault and battery on a disabled person, intimidation of a witness, impersonating a police officer and malicious destruction of property valued at over $250. According to police, the man tried to park his car in one of the handicapped spaces at the Seaport Inn and Marina on Friday night and noticed that Morra’s car was taking up two handicapped parking spaces. Police said Morra’s car didn’t have a handicapped license plate or a visible placard. Police said the man began taking pictures of Morra’s car with his cell phone. According to police, the man said Morra displayed a badge to him and ordered him off the property while uttering expletives. The man told police that Morra poked him in the chest and sternum several times and then shoved him, nearly knocking him to the ground. As the man tried to take a cell phone picture of Morra’s car, police said the planning board member slapped it from his hand, causing it to break on the pavement. Morra is a constable appointed by the New Bedford City Council.

Seriously, what a cock sucker.  Yeah, real fucking disabled – hey why not use all that effort you put forth walking around snapping pics of the car taking up two handicap spots and just take the extra 20 steps from a regular parking space instead?   (more…)

[News4Jax]  A simple comment prompted a brutal attack on a mentally disabled Publix employee, according to the victim. “Hey, I like your shirt,” 26-year-old James Wall said is what he told two men who he said beat him in the parking lot of his Northside Publix. “I was getting ready to go outside and get carts, and that’s when it happened.” Wall has worked at the store on Duval Station Road for the past seven years. His family said he has the mental capacity of a teenager. On Friday, Wall was assigned to collect the shopping carts in the parking lot when out of nowhere “he hit me three times, and I fell down,” he said. Police said Ryan Keys, 27, who’s 6 feet 4 inches tall and 275 pounds, punched Wall in the face. Wall said he complimented Keys on his Georgia Bulldogs T-shirt, and for no apparent reason, Wall said, Keys was offended by the statement and decided to attack him. Keys’ 23-year-old brother, Cade Keys, drove the getaway car, police said. Both men were later arrested at their home and booked into the Duval County Jail on charges of aggravated battery and resisting arrest. Wall’s father, a Jacksonville Airport Authority police officer, said he plans to teach his son some basic self-defense techniques. Because Wall is mentally disabled, the potential punishment for the suspects could be more severe.

Hey pops you’re a police officer and you’re just now getting around to teaching your 26 year-old SPED son a little bit of self-defense after he got his retarded teeth knocked across the parking lot where he works?  Classic case of a parent dismissing their seed all through life until catastrophe strikes and all of a sudden guilty dad is Mr. Miyagi.  Or he was just real busy since ’85.   (more…)

[Daily Mail]  A 22-year-old woman allegedly killed an aspiring rap singer with a single punch for a $5 party bet. Tiffany Startz is accused of killing John ‘Fatboy’ Powell with a single blow to the face and has been told she has to stand trial. The 25-year-old had agreed to be hit in the face by Starr in return for $5. After being struck and collecting his money he walked away to talk with friends, only to collapse minutes later from a burst artery in his neck. An autopsy ruled that he had died from a brain haemorrhage caused by blunt force trauma. Startz, who is 5’5″ and weighs 142lbs, was charged with reckless conduct and battery charges stemming from the incident last September in Joliet, Illinois. Court records revealed that other party-goers gave differing accounts of how Powell suffered his fatal injury with some saying he tripped and hit his head. Another said he had jumped up and hit his head while performing. But these were cover-up stories to protect Startz and Jimmy Mounts who had been offering partygoers $5 to take a punch from a female. A lawyer for Startz had asked Will County Judge Edward Burmila to dismiss the charges as Powell had agreed to be punched in return for $5. Ira Goldstein said: ‘People get paid to get hit.’ Powell was at the party to perform with his rap band Krazy Killaz. Mounts, 27, who offered guests cash to take a punch from Startz, also faces charges of reckless conduct.

Umm…since when did we start giving sluts money to get clocked in the grill?  I was under the impression chicks only got coin for blow jobs or grocery shopping, but maybe I’m just old-fashioned.  Anyway, this is exactly how I used to mug people in middle school.   (more…)