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[Fox8] PAINESVILLE, Ohio— Kirtland crushed Painesville Harvey during Friday night’s high school football game, but it was what happened after the game that has people talking.

“At the conclusion of the game, some of their students and parents put up a sign that we believe was racial intimidation, ethnic intimidation,” said Roderick Coffee, president of the Lake County chapter of the NAACP, who was also at the game.

“For them to put it up there that was bad sportsmanship, too,” Painesville Harvey football player, Jerome Becks said.

The big sign read: ‘You Mad Bro.’

“I think the reference to ‘bro’ in the sign definitely has a racial connection to it,” said Michael Hanlon, superintendent for Painesville City Schools.

No doubt, the sign offended people.

I want to punch Roderick Coffee in the face so fucking bad right now. Since when do black people have a monopoly on “bro”? It’s not like the sign said, “You Mad Mooncrickets?” or “You Mad Darkies?” or “You Mad (more…)

[]  A MOTHER made her child sit in public with a sign pinned to his shirt that said: “Do not trust me. I will steal from you as I am a thief.” The boy, thought to be aged about 10, was also wearing Shrek ears and writing lines in what appeared to a form of public punishment, according to dozens of witnesses who contacted the Townsville Bulletin. The boy spent almost an hour on Sunday near a popular waterpark in Townsville while his family ate lunch nearby. Diane Mayers was so “horrified” when she saw the boy she contacted Child Safety Services to intervene. Ms Mayers, who worked with the department in the past, said any long-term effects of public humiliation would have been much worse than physical abuse. “The boy just kept his head down and was staring at the ground,” she said. “The parents had gone to all the trouble of printing two copies of the sign – one for the back and one for the front – and laminating them. A lot of work had gone in to it. “A lot of people walked past and were laughing at him, including boys who would have been his age. “At one point the boy had taken off the Shrek ears. My daughter walked past and heard the mother say, ‘Put them back on or I’ll smack your head in’.”

I’m sorry, what was that, Ms. Mayers from Child Safety Services?  Your recommended form of discipline is a belt across the butt cheeks as opposed to walking around like an animated character with a sign detailing the kid’s wrongdoings?  Find me a 10 year-old that’d give a thumbs-up to a beating over Halloween.   (more…)

[WIVB]  A former employee at the Taco Bell / KFC at Transit and Losson in Depew chose to make a bold statement when they decided to leave their position at the restaurant. The employee left a message on the fast food restaurant’s exterior sign Thursday night announcing he had quit. The sign reads, “I quit – Adam / fuck you :)”  A co-worker of the supposed sign maker at Taco Bell / KFC tells News 4 that “Adam” is the name of a shift manager at the restaurant who denied time-off for the disgruntled worker on the Fourth of July. The worker claims he had worked 22 straight days and deserved the holiday off but was not granted it, despite the shift manager allowing others to have the day off.

That’s what the fuck I’m talking about.  I’m just surprised it took 22 consecutive days of whipping up crunchwrap supremes for slobs like Scrody before this guy went out in a blaze of sign glory.  Still, if you just can’t take it anymore you have two choices.  You can either come back to work and dump a few rounds into Adam’s pimply mug before swallowing some lead yourself – OR – you can make sure your “FUCK YOU” lives on forever in the realm of awesomeness.   (more…)

[]  Brad Richards is off the market. The big fish among this year’s crop of free agents has reportedly agreed to a nine-year contract Saturday to play for the New York Rangers. TSN’s Darren Dreger is reporting Richards’ deal has an average annual value of $6.5 million. The Rangers were not one of the teams that showed up at the offices of Newport Sports Management, Inc. on Friday, but Larry Brooks of the New York Post tweeted that James Dolan, Executive Chairman of Madison Square Garden, personally spoke to Richards. The Rangers also held off from making any big deals throughout Friday in order to land Richards. New York signed Mike Rupp for three years and $4.5 million and re-signed Ruslan Fedotenko for one year and $1.4 million. Richards, who had 77 points in 72 games with Dallas last season, immediately becomes the Rangers’ No. 1 center and will likely open training camp with Marian Gaborik on his right wing. New York’s depth at center also looks much better with Richards now ahead of Artem Anisimov, Erik Christensen, Brian Boyle and Derek Stepan. Richards has 716 points in 772 games over his NHL career, which began in 2000-01 with the Lightning. He spent seven-plus seasons in Tampa Bay, winning the Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe Trophy in 2004, before being traded to Dallas late in the 2007-08 season. He had 91 points in 80 games two seasons ago.

Pardon the pessimism Rangers fans, but does everyone remember when they signed Scott Gomez?  You know who plays a similar game to Scotty Gomez?  Brad Richards.  Yes, Richards definitely has more offense to his game but when Gomez was with the Devils, he was pretty close to a point-per-game player too.   (more…)

[Rense] Political correctness has caught up with sign language for deaf people. Gestures used to depict ethnic and religious minorities and homosexuals are being dropped because they are now deemed offensive. The abandoned signs include “Jewish”, in which a hand mimes a hooked nose; the sign for “gay”, a flick of a limp wrist; and “Chinese”, in which the index fingertips pull the eyes into a slant. Another dropped sign is that for “Indian”, which is a finger pointing to an imaginary spot in the middle of a forehead. The signs have been declared off-limits by the makers of Vee-TV, Channel 4’s programme for deaf people, for fear of being accused of racism and homophobia. Caroline O’Neill, a senior researcher at Vee-TV, explained: “We have a sign language monitor on the channel who checks that what we are doing is culturally appropriate.”

Well there you go deafies. If we can’t say hook nose, fag, slant or dot-head neither can you. Well, you can’t say it anyway because you sound like a retarded dog begging for a treat but you know what I mean.   (more…)

[UPI]  A 71-year-old Texas woman whose door was kicked in by would-be burglars said her home now bears a sign threatening future intruders’ heads will be “blown off.” Claudia Holland of Hudson said her son, who usually lives with her, was not home about a week and a half ago when someone kicked in her front door about 11:30 p.m. and fled after hearing her and her three dogs, the Lufkin Daily News reported Tuesday. Holland, who said the incident was the first break-in she had experienced in the 40 years she has lived in her home, said her son was worried about his upcoming trip out of town and installed a strongly worded no-trespassing sign. “Try to break into this house again, your head will be blown off!” the sign warns. “I expected it to be a little sign put over to the side, but it wasn’t. It kind of embarrassed me, I tell you,” she said. “There’s been a lot of comments and just a lot of laughing, like people won’t come by here anymore.”

Hey old bag, guess what?  All your neighborhood burglars would like to thank you for the heads-up to make sure they are strapped to the 9’s before stealing your musty plastic couch & shitty rabbit-eared TV.  Guess what else, Claudia?  Your son doesn’t love you and wants you to take a bullet right in your wrinkly old raisin face.  He was concerned about you during his upcoming trip so he bought a fucking sign with a randomly italicized word on it?  How about a reinforced door or an ADT system as opposed to something that puts a bullseye on the house?  As a matter of fact, fuck the ADT system – an ADT sign would have been better than this one.  Unless, of course, the point was to issue a challenge to any prospective thieves.  If that’s the case, then shame on me.  Maybe this fossil is a sharpshooter.  Hope you’re cocked, loaded and ready to fire, grandma.  Don’t just sign it, brign it.

P.S. – How long until someone steals that sign?  Over/under 3 days?