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[CBC]  Students at an east-end Toronto school are being told to leave their soccer balls — and other hard balls — at home. The principal of Earl Beatty Public School banned the balls this week after a parent recently suffered a concussion from being hit in the head with a soccer ball. The principal, Alicia Fernandez, banned hard balls, claiming they’re dangerous. “Kids were coming in complaining of injury, or being scared,” she said. The ban went into effect two weeks ago. Students can bring sponge or other soft balls to play with, but soccer balls, footballs, baseballs and even tennis balls are not allowed for safety reasons. But some parents say the ban is excessive and unfair to children who like to play outside. “I wasn’t surprised personally,” said Diana Symonds who has a son going to the school. “My husband freaked right out. He thought, this is absolutely insane.” Chris Stateski, who has a son in Grade 2 and a daughter in Grade 4 at the school, said he was “disgusted” to hear about the ban, which he felt was an overreaction. “A lot of things could happen. A child could trip on the asphalt, a child could fall off the monkey bars and break their arm,” said Stateski, who also has a three-year-old. “So many things could happen. What are they going to do — cover the schoolyard in pillows and take all the doors off the hinges?” “It’s just too much.” Stateski said Wednesday he felt bad for the woman who was hurt, but he doesn’t feel the whole school should be penalized for one incident. “Unfortunately, it was an accident and accidents do happen,” he said, adding he doesn’t think the playground is that small.

Well when you walk out to a 2nd grade orgy by the swing set, you got no one else to blame but yourself Principal Fernandez.  What other options do they have at recess now?  No balls?  Why?  I don’t get why the kids have to sit outside and twiddle their thumbs.  They’re not hurting each other.   (more…)


Jeeez…I thought they eradicated Downs in Japan.

I don’t see why everyone’s so pissed off about the USA losing the World Cup. Newflash people, it’s soccer. Yeah, it’s the most popular sport in the world, but c’mon, it’s not like this is the Olympics or some shit. Women’s soccer was cool when Brandi Chastain was doing strip shows in midfield, and that’s about as a vivid memory I’ll ever have about soccer. Am I kind of bummed because America didn’t win, sure that’s a bummer, but it’s not the end of the world.   (more…)

Even Soccer Knows Soccer Sucks

Posted: June 23 @ 5:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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Awesome work, SportsCenter.  Hey, soccer, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em right?  What better way to promote the sport than to remind everyone why soccer players are the lamest athletes on the planet. Seriously this is EXACTLY what happens 10 times during a soccer match except here it’s only 30 seconds and funny instead of 90 minutes and embarrassing.  Thanks ESPN!  I may have mistakenly tuned in for a bit, so I appreciate the memory refresh…

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I’m not a fan of soccer and have never been; however, I am a huge fan showboating, taunting, and pissing on your opponents egos. And by doing a front-flip milliseconds after kicking a goal on a penalty kick, this guy is pretty much giving the keeper the soccer equivalent of a golden shower. If shit like this happened in soccer more often I’d actually consider watching it here and there. But no, this never happens in soccer. In fact, I’d bet my left testicle that this was the only goal in the game and was one of the three shots on net. And my left testicle is my bigger one, that’s how fucking confident I am in my statement.

But in reality, I probably can’t be shitting on soccer too much. I used to dabble in the U-10 (under 10 years old) league back in my athletic prime. You know, the little kid league where you got like 13 players and both goalies chasing after the ball in a clump while the kid with the ADD is chasing after a butterfly over on the sidelines. But hey, at least in the kid’s league the fans got to see some goals being scored. I must have scored like 3 goals a game since I was one of the older kids in the league, although they were usually in my own net. But honestly, I did not give a fuck. In the U-10, a goal’s a fucking goal and as long as I got to suck on my orange slices during half-time I was a happy camper.