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[UPI]  Florida wildlife authorities said they were on the hunt for a black bear accused of breaking into a home and stealing a birthday cake. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the bear broke into a Macclenny home at 2 a.m. Monday and made off with food items including the cake, The (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union reported Wednesday. Commission spokeswoman Karen Parker said a biologist dispatched to the scene Tuesday found a well-used trail behind the home strewn with garbage and the remains of the cake. Parker said wildlife officials, who are familiar with the bear from a research project it was involved with, are baiting traps with cupcakes in an attempt to capture and euthanize the animal. “Relocating this bear is not an option,” Parker said. “Public safety is our No. 1 concern. When we catch it, we will euthanize it. We do not want the bear entering another house.”

They want to kill Yogi here because he ate a kids birthday cake? Damn, tough crowd. You don’t have to be a bear to steal a cake (not that it hurts though), so would they send out the lynch mob if a person stole some sweets too? For me, the answer to that really comes down to what kind of cake it was. (more…)


[Fosters] SOMERSWORTH — The family of a man arrested Monday for willful concealment and child endangerment says he’s a “great father” who just got caught in a bad situation. Matthew Sordiff, 21, of 561 High St., was arrested Monday near the Market Basket on High Street after store managers there confronted him about taking items, including Enfamil baby formula, baby wipes, Half & Half and other items totaling $25.05, off the shelves and putting them into a diaper bag. A store employee tried to restrain Sordiff just outside the exit to the store, according to the police report, at which time Sordiff removed his three-month-old daughter from a stroller and placed her in a car seat on the ground before fleeing the scene on foot. Sordiff told police he “panicked” when he was approached about the items in the diaper bag. During an interview at the residence with Foster’s, Sordiff’s mother, Carla Bickford, said her son panicked because he was concerned about warrants out for his arrest that he had never taken care of, and left the child in the parking lot because he thought Baird was still in the store.

“My son is a very good father,” Bickford said. “Matt got scared and he ran because he thought he had warrants he never took care of.”

Well, as you all know, the 2011/12 Dad of the Year award is already spoken for. But still, this story kinda brings a tear to my eye. Here you have a down-on-his-luck dad hitting rock bottom without a shred of dignity, still trying to provide for his daughter by any means necessary. That’s what it means to be a parent my friends. Did Matt turn his infant into an accessory to a crime?  (more…)

A Tennessee man accused of sticking “beef sticks” inside his pants at a Fort Pierce Wal-Mart and swiping them was arrested, a recently released affidavit states.

An “asset protection” official July 9 told Fort Pierce police that Kenneth Mitchell Brewer, 48, picked out two packages of Jack Link’s Beef Sticks and put them inside his pants.

Brewer kept shopping and paid for his grocery items at the store in the 5100 block of Okeechobee Road, but apparently failed to lay out the cash for the beef in his pants. The value of the items is listed as $8.54.

Hey, are those a bunch of beef sticks in your pocket or are you – – oh, they’re beef sticks.