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[TSG]  The holiday season’s most heartwarming story involves a topless dancer, a drunk customer, and $40 left atop a Florida bar counter. Shortly before midnight on Christmas Eve, Panama City cops responded to a call from the home of Amanda Blocker. Through tears, the 27-year-old woman explained that she was a dancer at the Gold Nugget Lounge and had been talking earlier that evening to a male customer who “told her he was going to give her $40.00.” According to a Panama City Police Department report, Blocker recalled that the patron “laid the money on the bar,” but soon “passed out from intoxication.” He later awoke and quickly departed the Gold Nugget. Blocker told cops that after the man’s departure she “noticed the money still on the table and took it.” However, after arriving home, the dancer “felt bad and thought she had stolen the money.” That’s when Blocker decided to call police at 11:45 PM on December 24. An officer advised Blocker that nobody had filed a complaint about the money, the report notes. With “nothing further” left to investigate, the cop left Blocker with her small Christmas gift.

Nice herpes.

That’s gotta be what she’s feeling guilty about.  I don’t think the dude laid out $40 for a cold sore & a lifetime of Valtrex refills.  I mean he said “I’m going to give you $40”.  That’s about as direct as it gets. So there’s no reason for Amanda to feel as if she stole it.  But throwing his passed-out dong into your bumpy cock hole?   (more…)


[Daily Telegraph]  First there was lingerie football, a popular sport in the US we hear with women sporting both bruises and blush in equal measure. Now there’s the prospect of topless basketball. With the sport in crisis in the US and fans deprived of matches thanks to the NBA lockout, a group of nightclub owners appear to have have taken things into their own hands. This morning it was revealed they want to form a basketball league of topless dancers to attract attention to the sport while the NBA saga drags on after nearly five months of crisis. Rick’s Cabaret group’s league, consisting of dancers from their 23 clubs, has reportedly said a former NBA star will be announced next week as coach of the New York team, which will unveil its uniforms – we’re suspecting some of the most minute ever seen on a court -next week as well. The team is evidently to to play dancers from a Minneapolis club and another from Miami with a full schedule of these game to apparently to be announced in January. “People will be amazed when we tell them who our coach is, because he was one of the great players in the NBA,” Gianna, no last name, a player for the New York team has reportedly said. “The girls are really excited. We’re practically busting out of our tops. We plan to give him a really warm welcome on Tuesday.” “I hear he’s going to have us do a workout on Tuesday in front of the press,” said Sky, the point guard for the team. “I can’t wait to show off some of my moves.”

No fucking surprise killjoy David Stern helped get the NBA back on track before the Rick’s Cabaret league could take off and show the WNBA how women’s basketball is supposed to be played.  With your areolas out.  Fuck your Diana Taurasi & Maya Moore.  Bring on Sky & Gianna.  Sidebar – how stripperific is the name ‘Gianna’?  Seriously, if you name your daughter Gianna you might as well not even bother sending her to school.   (more…)

[WLS]  A Merrillville man has been charged with allegedly setting fire to a Merrillville motel room because he was upset his wife hadn’t made more money at a strip club, and then assaulting another woman who tried to intervene. Londray Robinson Jr., 28, of the 100 block of Pinewood Drive, has been charged with arson and battery in a June 19 fire at America’s Best Value Inn, 8250 Louisiana St. Firefighters were called at about 10 a.m. and found heavy smoke coming from room 114, which had been rented by Robinson’s wife the previous night. A woman who also was in the room told police that the night before the fire, Robinson left the room and was highly intoxicated when he returned several hours later. Robinson became upset with his wife because she did not bring home enough money the night before while working at Déjà Vu in Hammond. While Robinson was fighting with another person, the second woman in the room said she was struck on the left side of her face when she tried to intervene. She ran from the room to call 911 and a few minutes later a housekeeper reported the fire.

Well no shit he set his wife’s room on fire and smacked her friend around.  When you marry a stripper, you marry a stripper because she’s gonna bring home bank – not because you think it’s cool she smashes fat, smelly strangers’ faces with her glittery nipples.   (more…)

[NBC DFW] Crystal Deans, who lives in the Houston area, gave up the life of a stripper to become an exercise instructor and studio owner.

She also became a Christian somewhere along the way and, according to a report from KRIV-TV (Fox 26 in Houston), Deans meshed the three into a kind of Sunday exercise-worship-stripper-move service.

She calls it “Pole Fitness for Jesus” because the exercise — no, no exorcise jokes here, no sir — sessions center on a stripper pole, the one aspect of working in the gentlemen’s entertainment business Deans said she enjoyed.

I had a professor in college who had a sticker on his door that said “Beer and Books: Only in Texas.”  Well, add this to the sicker, “Pole Dancing for Jesus: Only in Texas.”  I mean shit, if there were pole dancers in church; I’d have been putting my entire allowance in the coffers years ago.  Do you think God minds?  Hell no… He took one of our ribs to make women, why not show off that rib and other parts while dancing on a pole for his son?  I am sure he’s a proud omniscient papa.