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[MSNBC]  A Modesto, Calif., teen student who made national news when she and her high school teacher moved in together said Saturday she broke off their relationship after he was arrested on a charge of earlier abusing another student. Jordan Powers, 18, told ABC News that when Christopher James Hooker, 41, called her from jail after his arrest Friday she told him, “We’re done.” During Saturday’s interview with ABC, Powers said she had “lost everything for this guy.” “I lost my senior year. I gave up all my friends at high school because they didn’t agree with me,” said the former Enochs High School student. Powers told ABC News that Hooker told her he met the other student, who was 17 in 1998, online. “He hung out with her just as friends and then he went to her house and she came out of the bathroom naked and he only touched her boobs and her legs,” Powers said. “He was freaked out so he left and went home. He said nothing else happened, but all of that was a lie.” The teen said she believed the woman came forward now to help her see the truth about Hooker and rescue her from the relationship. “My heart dropped. I felt betrayed. I just have a gut feeling there are other girls,” Powers said, according to the ABC News interview. Powers and Hooker moved in together in February, with Powers dropping out of school and Hooker quitting his teaching job there and leaving his wife and three children. The two appeared on national talk shows and in interviews, and maintained they didn’t have a sexual relationship until she turned 18. But police are still investigating whether there was inappropriate contact before that.

So I guess this means the statute of limitations is bullshit?  Courtroom drama TV propaganda?  Anyway, I don’t blame this chick for bailing one bit.  Jordan’s the 18 year-old dingbat in this situation.  So calling her an idiot or hypocrite is par for the course.  The real dummy is Mr. Hooker.  Lesson for all you dudes out there who think you’re some sort of hero for being open & honest with your girlfriends – don’t do it.   (more…)

[Cincinnati]  A Waynesville High School student sued in federal court Tuesday after school officials refused to let him wear a T-shirt with the slogan “Jesus Is Not A Homophobe.” Maverick Couch wants to wear the shirt in his Warren County school on April 20 to show support for the Day of Silence, a national event that draws attention to the silencing of gay and lesbian students through bullying. Couch’s lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, immediately became part of a decades-long fight over how to balance the First Amendment rights of students and the rights of school administrators to enforce rules and impose discipline. Couch, 17, said he tried to wear the shirt last spring for the Day of Silence and on several other occasions, but school Principal Randy Gebhardt repeatedly rejected his request. School officials could not be reached, but Couch said he was told the shirt was not permitted because it was “indecent and sexual in nature.” His attorney, Christopher Clark, said Couch tried for months to resolve the dispute without going to court, but school officials wouldn’t budge. Clark said administrators initially said the shirt was disruptive and later that it was too religious. He said they now claim it violates rules prohibiting clothing that is indecent or sexual in nature. Couch said he has been the victim of teasing and name-calling at school, but he said any bullying he’s experienced has never become physical. He said he wants to wear the shirt to show support for other gay students who do suffer from severe bullying.

I broke down a similar situation a couple of weeks ago in rather genius fashion, so it’s fair to say I’m a reliable pundit on gays and their First Amendment rights.  In the end, I’m once again going to side with the administration on this one – but for a different reason.  I don’t think the shirt is ‘indecent and sexual in nature’ at all.  I also don’t see how this is supportive of other gay students who are taunted & beat up.  Regardless, I don’t believe Maverick Couch (seriously?) should be allowed to wear this shirt at all – let alone in school.   (more…)

[Orlando Sentinel]  A Eustis Middle School teacher resigned after she made a comment about a student’s cleavage in front of the classroom. Joan Bannister, a 53-year-old math teacher, drew attention to the girl’s cleavage and said she would be out of dress code if the girl were measured, according to a memo from Lake County Schools. The girl filed a complaint saying that on Jan. 30 Bannister approached her with a ruler and said the math teacher wanted to measure her exposed “boobage.” In the memo, Bannister denied ever using the word “boobage” but admitted to having a conversation with the girl about her being out of compliance with the dress code. She said she never touched the girl, but “could have handled the situation better,” according to the memo. The district recommended her a five-day unpaid suspension that she never served because she requested a hearing. Bannister resigned in lieu of the hearing, which was scheduled for Monday. District spokesman Chris Patton said the district will be forwarding the complaint to the state Office of Professional Practices that oversees teacher discipline. According to the state’s educator code of ethics, Bannister should not have intentionally exposed any student to embarrassment or disparagement. “I think it’s an unfortunate incident, and I hope the investigation brings it to a close,” Patton said.

Kudos to Joan Bannister.  I don’t know how teachers do it nowadays.  Chicks 16 going on 26 cramming their boobage in your face regardless of the dress code is tough to handle on a daily basis.  She simply got up close & personal with her ruler to measure a pair of cans under the intent of rules enforcement – but something changed.  That tingly feeling in your granny panties isn’t anything to be ashamed of, Joan.   (more…)

[The Ledger]  Former Lakewood High School band director Raphael McLean went on trial this week, accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student in his office inside the band room. But his attorney, Val Shealey, offered a novel defense: that McLean had sex there with an adult, not a student; specifically with a guidance counselor. And on Wednesday that guidance counselor, Danielle Johnson, testified, “I performed oral sex on Mr. McLean in his office.” She said she did so twice, in the winter of 2010. She said she was testifying because “I just want to do what’s right.” Afterward, she went to school board headquarters and resigned. For the defense, Johnson’s testimony provided a possible explanation of why McLean’s semen was found on the desk and chair in his office — because of a secret encounter with a fellow adult, not a criminal encounter with a child. For the Tampa Bay area, it was another weird twist in the annals of teachers committing questionable and sometimes illegal sexual acts. But to Assistant State Attorney Christopher LaBruzzo the case provided clear evidence McLean, who was married, had sex with the 15-year-old girl, and “he did so on campus, in his office in the middle of the day.” McLean, 28, extolled by his attorney as a former member of the famed Florida A&M marching band, was a popular teacher and band director at Lakewood, even a father figure for some students. His band room often filled with youths. The student, now a 17-year-old college-bound senior, said McLean frequently complimented her and eventually began talking about sex. Her name is withheld from this report because of the nature of the allegations.

OK wait – first of all, since when do high school band directors have an office??  Did she mean “the instrument closet”?  Anyway, this story is 1000% bullshit, and the fact that this case was bounced outta court due to a hung jury is a travesty.  Sure, on the surface, all the pieces fit.  First and foremost, this fat slob stepping forward on her own accord & essentially ending her career seems like something that’d be done only if it was the God’s-honest truth.  I get that.  Now, take a good look at the blubbery white snowflake in that picture – then let me introduce you to Raphael McLean.   (more…)

[TribLocal]  A Rolling Meadows High School teacher resigned last week after spraying a student in the face with Lysol. The 47-year-old science and math teacher resigned last Thursday, after admitting that she sprayed two students with Lysol when they refused to keep their safety goggles during a science lab, according to police reports. One student was transported to Northwest Community Hospital after the incident. According to a police report, which provided a narrative of what allegedly happened, during a science lab Nov. 30, the teacher walked around the classroom and told students at least twice to put on their safety goggles. According to witnesses, she said if they did not put their safety goggles on, she would spray them with a 32-oz. bottle of Lysol she was carrying. When some of the students still did not have their goggles on, she sprayed one student, who turned away and was sprayed in the back of the head. She then sprayed another student, who was holding his goggles, and the Lysol got into his eyes, causing him to scream and drop a beaker he was holding. When his eyes were still burning, he was sent to the nurse’s office. The nurse requested paramedics take the student to Northwest Community Hospital, where he was treated and released.

Straight up, old fashioned battle of wills here.  In one corner you have the under-appreciated, underpaid & un-respected teacher.  A seasoned veteran of the classroom who’s undoubtedly been witness to the steady decline in children’s respect for authority.  On the other hand, you have today’s child.   (more…)

[NBC]  A teacher accused of assaulting nine of her first-grade students was reported for assault a year ago, according to a mother in Montgomery County, Md. Christine Harris said her daughter was pinched and hit by 35-year-old Susan Burke when the 35-year-old first-grade teacher was the girl’s kindergarten teacher at Greencastle Elementary School in Silver Spring last year. Harris said she reported it, but nothing happened. Meanwhile, the mother of one of the alleged victims in the latest investigation thought there may have been a misunderstanding when her son said his first-grade teacher grabbed him around the neck and choked him while he was standing in line with classmates in December. Sharon Durham said she confronted the teacher, Susan Burke, about the incident, but Burke did not seem to know what she was talking about. Durham didn’t get a chance to talk to the principal about her concerns before Christmas break. On Jan. 4, Burke was removed from the classroom after other students made similar accusations. Burke seemed a little frazzled at times, but never aggressive, Durham said. Her 7-year-old son told her that Burke had choked him on two occasions and that he had seen her push other students, sometimes to the ground, she said. Police began investigating on Jan. 7, when officers were called to a police substation for a child abuse report involving a boy who said his teacher had assaulted him numerous times. Detectives interviewed all 16 students in Burke’s current class and determined there were nine victims, police said. Nine of the 6- and 7-year-old students reported that Burke choked them, and some said she also kicked, punched or scratched or tightly squeezed their arms.

How stupid are little kids?  Just getting pinched, punched and guillotined all over Greencastle Elementary for half the school year before opening their sticky yaps.  Well except for Sharon Durham’s kid who tried to tell mom that, instead of reading Clifford, he was getting grounded and pounded like he was part of Team Mayhem on The Ultimate Fighter.   (more…)

[KSLA]  A Marshall, Texas student says the administration at Marshall Junior High School used a permanent marker to fill in lines shaved into his hair. Sheldon Williams said he’s had his hair styled like that for a long time and never had any problems. According the MJHS Student Handbook, “designs shaved into the hair” are prohibited under the uniform policy. Sheldon’s stepmother told KSLA News 12 it wasn’t the rule that she disagreed with, but rather how the school handled the situation. Williams said his parents were never called. School administrators Tuesday said they regret not calling his parents and don’t plan to handle the hair designs the same way again. The principal, who started her first year at the school this August, said she was told by another faculty member that they had handled the problem with a marker in the past.

Hilarious.  This is the kind of prank hazing legends are made of.  “I just told Principal Dipshit to color in the kid’s head with a Sharpie…and she actually DID IT!  Aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!”  The visual is amazing.  This lady thinks she’s enforcing the school guidelines by squeaking a marker on a student’s melon:   (more…)