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[Naples News]  A sexual threesome turned violent Sunday, resulting in an East Naples man’s arrest — accused of punching his wife, swinging a big-screen television at her and whipping her with a belt. Jorge Daniel Silva, 22, of the 6400 block of College Park Circle, faces a felony battery charge after Collier deputies say he became enraged before a planned threesome with his wife and another woman Sunday afternoon. Silva’s wife told deputies that the three of them began kissing when Silva “freaked out” and started hitting her. The two women then ran into a bedroom and locked themselves inside, but Silva broke through the door, the report said. As his wife curled up to avoid being hit, Silva punched her and “swung the TV at her like a bat,” the report said. After hitting his wife with the television twice, Silva dropped it on her, then grabbed another television and threw it at her, deputies said. The second woman told deputies she tried to break up the fight but Silva would punch her in response. Silva’s wife was covered with blood when deputies arrived, her face was swollen and she appeared to have a broken nose, the report said. Silva told deputies two stories — that his wife attacked him after she kissed the other woman, and that he became jealous when the two women started kissing and wouldn’t allow him to join. He also told deputies he broke down the door because he thought the two women were having sex without him.

22 year-olds don’t know shit.  No way at 22 are you mentally capable of handling being married AND sharing your wife in a threesome with another one of her slutbag friends.  I mean the fact that you’re married in the first place just a year into being bar-legal speaks volumes for Jorge’s instability.  So I’m not surprised he went ham 5 seconds into his bride making out with another broad.   (more…)