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Iran Training Chicks To Be Ninja Assassins

Posted: March 12 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian
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I’m not one to exactly have my finger on the pulse of international affairs, but if this isn’t proof that Iran is totally bullshitting about their lack of nuclear weapons I don’t know what is.  You expect the rest of the world to believe that, not only is there no nuclear intent, but you’ve instead decided that a few broads in a Tae Bo class are what’s going to protect your country?   (more…)

[gothamist] In many ways, the B110 bus that connects South Williamsburg and Borough Park seems like any other bus. It has a route number and blue bus stop signs like any other city bus, and it’s open to the public. But the B110 is operated by a private company, Private Transportation Corporation, which pays the city for the right to provide a public service. And reporter Sasha Chavkin finds that on this bus—which caters to a predominately Orthodox Jewish ridership—special rules apply. Namely, women get the Rosa Parks treatment.

Chavkin recently asked an acquaintance to ride the B110 recently and found that female passengers are asked to sit in the back. His canary in the Hasidic coalmine encountered a bus full with “Orthodox Jews with full beards, sidecurls and long black coats, who told her that she was riding ‘a private bus’ and ‘a Jewish bus.'” When she asked why she had to move, a man scolded her, explaining, “If God makes a rule, you don’t ask ‘Why make the rule?” Also, HaShem is everywhere, even on the B110, and are you going to make Him walk all the way to the back!

Well, you had a nice run ladies. You got to vote, have jobs, drive cars and act like you were every bit as important as a man. But before long, if these curly-side-burns guys get their way, you’ll be drinking out of different colored water fountains and going to different schools than the boys. I’m just kidding… you won’t be allowed in schools. Personally, I think Hasidic Jews are creepy. They’re always wearing the same black suits and have their J. Wellington Wimpy hats on. If it’s not a job requirement or an athletic uniform and you’re wearing the same thing as everyone else, every day of your life… You’re in a cult. Regardless, (more…)

So, I guess Wimbledon is coming up or happening now or something? I don’t really know, but 610 is a fan. And since it’s his birthday today I figure I can do him a solid and post these grunting tennis dames for your matching pleasure.

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Luckily, I’m pretty sure these effects wear off over time and are replaced with a headache and a serious craving for White Castle.

[Salt Lake Tribune]  A Southern California computer repairman suspected of installing spyware on laptops that enabled him to snap and download photographs of women showering and undressing in their homes was arrested Wednesday at his home, police said. Police began investigating when a Fullerton resident complained about suspicious messages appearing on his daughter’s computer last year. Trevor Harwell installed software that took control of computer webcams on his clients’ Mac laptops, Fullerton police Sgt. Andrew Goodrich said. He was released later Wednesday after posting $50,000 bond, Goodrich said. The software sent fake error messages telling users to “fix their internal sensor soon,” and “try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor,” Goodrich said. The error message prompted some victims to take their laptops into the bathroom with them when they showered, he said. “Once he had access, he would take photographs of the users, usually women,” Goodrich said. “Often, the female victims were undressed or changing clothes. Harwell then stored the photos on a remote server, and eventually downloaded them on his own computer.” Detectives seized hundreds of thousands of still images and videos from Harwell’s computer and identified several victims, Goodrich said. Investigators believe Harwell, a technician for Rezitech Inc., may have exploited computers connected to Biola University’s internal network. Harwell, 20, is a former student at the La Mirada Christian college, where many of the victims attended.

This doesn’t make any sense.  This kid rigged & returned the laptops as ‘repaired’…OK, cool.  But when error messages started popping up, instead of taking it back to the dude who just ‘fixed’ it, broads all over campus engaged in steamy shower sessions & stripteases?  “Often, the female victims were undressed or changing clothes” – you think that was a coincidence?  Is it common knowledge that females gotta get naked before firing up their Macbooks?  Fuck that.   (more…)

Look at that, a little skin, a little entertainment, a little current events. We really can do it all here at into BOLIVIAN. Bottom line though, if you can’t get this one right, you’re awful at this game. This round is probably too easy, but I want to cash in on the Google hits, so quit judging me, shut up, and match the boobies.

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I always kind of wondered if Lesbians and Gay dudes could be attracted to each other. Lesbians like chicks and gay dudes are kind of like chicks. Gay dudes like other dudes and there are some bull dykes out there that are much more masculine than I am. Well this is kind of like an extension of that. Men aren’t supposed to hit women, but what about gay guys? Can they hit women? And come on, you can’t do that move where you stand up like “what” with your hands out and not expect to get bitch slapped. That’s just preposterous.